You’re Struggling

I don’t think that I dream often while asleep, or rather if I do, I do not recall the dream when I wake up. However a couple of nights ago was certainly the exception. Not only do I recall the dream, but I woke up immediately pondered the message. In the dream, I was walking outside, seemingly from a building carrying quite a load. I was trying to do the “make one trip” action. A friend and former colleague was pushing a load on a dolly. She said, “You need some help?” At the same time, two other folx begin to motion toward me. I responded, “No.” Immediately thereafter I began to drop what I was carrying. My friend said, “Stephanie, you’re struggling.” At the same time, everything I was attempting to carry hit the ground and splattered. I woke up from my dream and hope that the greater awakening is in my movement from this moment forward.

I consider myself to be a helper, and as such, I don’t ask for assistance. It’s not always a belief that others cannot assist me, but instead their lack of commitment and/or follow through. Let’s just say disappointment in others has shown itself enough to me that I tend to not rely on others – but that is not always beneficial either. As in my dream, when others offer, it may be wise to take them up on the offer – particularly when we are struggling. My dreams seemingly took me to a deeper place of exploration and extrapolation from personal daily occurrences and engagements. Earlier in the week I’d reached out to someone to request their assistance. I believe in their practice and their asking price, but I was unable to afford their services at this time. I mentioned it to another friend (which is something I would normally just share with my household), and they said, “I can help with that.” A couple of days later, I mentioned it to another friend and they responded, “Oh, I can help with that.” My heart was full. How much is available to me that I am missing, simply because I fail to ask? Simply because I assume it’s not as important to others as it is to me. Perhaps it is not and it may instead be because we are important to others in ways we’ve not quite imagined.

We matter to God. Period. Not only was the ultimate sacrifice paid for us at Calvary, but we are loaded daily with benefits (Psalm 68:19), and there are loads, anxieties, fears and concerns we were commanded to give to Him as opposed to making the attempt to carry unwisely on our own (I Peter 5:7). God, although not physically walking amongst us on earth has intentionally, meticulously and strategically placed helpers at our disposal. We are instructed to call upon the Lord. I Chronicles 4:10 admonishes, “And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!’ So God granted him what he requested.” Before we allow fear and uncertainty to set in, we might first ask God for what we need and this is important – expect, anticipate and prepare for what we stand in need of to show up!

Are you struggling? If so, let’s admit it and tell God. We don’t have to allow our dreams, aspirations, hopes and desires to fall to the ground. The Body of Christ is rich with gifts and the ability to meet every need. The body also models example. Consider the fact that I was struggling to carry, while my friend used a dolly. Further, God even allows and commands those external to the Body to respond to the purpose ordained for our lives. Let us not be faithless in not asking for what we stand in need of. Let us be bold enough and trusting enough in God (not people) to have access to everything necessary for our journey.