Consulting and Coaching

Seeking transformation? Allow me to partner with you for the change you desire in a manageable, supportive and accountable manner. My experience and knowledge in diversity, inclusion, equity, women’s leadership and empowerment, education and spirituality, guides my theory into practice. Through workshops, engagements and direct service delivery, I endeavor to customize revolutionary responses that will position you to both thrive and flourish. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you on your journey.

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I had dreams of assuming AM Chicago until someone with an odd five letter name turned a local show into an international phenomenon. So, with every opportunity I’m granted, I embody that tenacity of my early dreams into sharing powerful intersectional narratives of challenge and support. Through humor, candidness, empowerment and intentionality, I utilize my voice as both clarion and compelling and equally as intimate as sitting with a friend over a cup of coffee in your kitchen.

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My LOVE of dance began in the alley with childhood friends behind our apartment on the south side of Chicago. We would spend hours choreographing movement and performing their pieces during block club parties. As I matured, I danced in high school and in college. I always loved how movement made me feel and equally I relished in it as a spectator. It wasn’t until my daughter joined the dance ministry at church that I encountered a peace that I didn’t know existed. I witnessed the ability to intersect my love of God with my love of dance. I joined the dance ministry and developed a deep passion for the power of worship dance in the lives of the people of God – to liberate, to bring joy, to affirm pain and to literally dance what “thus saith the Lord.” I’ve served as coordinator of the Anointed Soles at Wake Chapel Church in Raleigh for 10 years. I’ve also taught worship dance to incarcerated women at the Raleigh facility for 8 years. As a teacher and choreographer, I am commissioned to manifest the glory of God through movement.

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Working @ work

Faith is hope. We need hope in our places and spaces of work. Some of us hope for our businesses to be more profitable, more productive, more purposeful. For over 25 years, I have worked in the field of education, hoping through my action to create a more just environment and existence for all. I am deeply passionate and committed to the tenets of equity and inclusion. Through personal narrative, rigorous practice and experiential learning, allow me to partner with you to cultivate a work environment where each person is seen, heard and valued. I am available to customize two-hour, half day and full day experiences as well as coaching and consulting.

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