Dr. Helms Pickett’s LOVE of dance began in the alley with her childhood friends behind her apartment on the south side of Chicago. They would spend hours choreographing movement and performing their pieces during block club parties. As Stephanie matured, she danced in high school and in college. She always loved how movement made her feel and equally she relished in it as a spectator. It wasn’t until her daughter joined the dance ministry at church that she encountered a peace that she didn’t know existed. She witnessed the ability to intersect her love of God with her love of dance. She joined the dance ministry and developed a deep passion for the power of worship dance in the lives of the people of God – to liberate, to bring joy, to affirm pain and to literally dance what “thus saith the Lord.” Stephanie has served as coordinator of the Anointed Soles at Wake Chapel Church in Raleigh for 10 years. She has also taught worship dance to incarcerated women at the Raleigh facility for 8 years. She is a sought after teacher and choreographer, manifesting the glory of God through movement.