You found the job with your name on it! You meet the qualifications. Actually, you don’t, but you have a prayer circle that will bombard heaven on your behalf to ensure that you are considered. You prepare. You knock the interview out of the ballpark. You’re offered the position, and you accept. You meticulously select your first day of work outfit. You pack your favorite coffee mug. You make certain you have lunch money just in case no one offers to dine with you on your first day. You plan the quickest route to the workplace. You are ready! Yet, you’ve forgotten one crucial, make or break concept. Have you considered the worshipper you will be in the workplace?

Educator, Higher Education Professional and Worship Leader, Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett shares how through trial and triumph she learned to live authentically as a worshipper, both internal and external to the sanctuary. Through narratives, humor and theory into practice, she demonstrates to anyone how to fully embrace each position of employment as an opportunity of worship deployment, uniquely ordained by the Creator. In these pages you’ll discover:

  • How to love the job you hate
  • How to use your gifts in a dormant environment
  • To understand the purpose behind assignment blessings
  • Why your favor is beneficial in secular spaces
  • How to be a worshipper in the workplace despite your cultural DNA with historical implications

Your workplace can become what you desire it to be. If you are curious as to how, this book is for you!



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In her typically open and candid reflections, examples and practical tips, Stephanie invites us Sunday worshippers to consider hard questions about how we show up the other days of the week, particularly with our presence at work. If we experience the glory of worship on Sunday, do we bring and extend that glory into the crazed spaces of our jobs? Certainly I know that’s a challenge for me! Through strong Scriptural guidance and exploration, she lets us imagine the new creation God brings forth through us when we worship, minister and answer God’s vocational call in our places of employment. When we are guided by God’s purposes and let them inform how we tackle our to-do lists, we can bring holiness to the mundane. It’s not just about the individual and our personal relationship to the divine. When we are honest to connect to the deep vulnerabilities in our own lives with the lives of others—even and especially at work, all hours of our week be formed and shaped by the worship of the One who promises that nothing is beyond redemption—especially our 9 to 5’s!

Deb Hackney, MEd, MDiv, Associate Director, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Stephanie Helms Pickett wonderfully captures the true essence of worship with her writing. She makes readers feel at ease and even gives them a glimpse into her own worship experience. Her connecting worship to everyday life experiences also makes this an applicable tool for a believer in Christ to help navigate life beyond the sanctuary.

Michael Neal, Pastor, Glorious Light Church, Chicago