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Dangerously Privileged Curator of Faith

Why, you ask? Because it all belongs to us. That was settled at Calvary. As such, we have access to everything. How might we tap into “it?” It’s simple. Our faith. We are dangerously privileged when we operate in the cultivation of our faith. How we handle it makes all the difference.

Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett; blogs are uplifting, inspirational and words for the soul. She has a way of making obstacles and tribulations nothing when presented to God via her knowledge of the Bible and her own experiences. Keep on doing God’s Work

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Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett does not minimize the obstacles she has faced in her career to create an idealized version of a success story. She uses her full experience of challenges and triumphs to connect and inspire. Therefore audiences feel her authenticity radiate throughout the room and it encourages them to not fear speaking the weight of their full truths.

Erin Adamson - Assistant Director, Women's Center Wake Forest University

Power. Humility. Spirit. As a liturgical dance instructor, Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett meets each woman where she is at, while still calling each dancer to reach for the next level in her identity, her movement, and her praise. I have watched her selflessly offer these gifts as a volunteer at the women’s prison in Raleigh each week for more than seven years. Stephanie is an embodied witness to the way that one woman can make a profound impact on society through giving herself and her gifts toward the transformation and empowerment of others.

Rev. Sarah Jobe - Chaplain, Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Stephanie speak at Elevation Baptist Church 2019 Reset Women’s Conference. She gave a powerful word that empowered and refreshed to draw us closer to God. I was blessed how God used her to bring His words to life within me.  I thank God for her accepting our invitation.

Tipfanie S - Elevation Baptist Church

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Changing Difficult to Doable
Remind Us of the Help We Forget

Remind Us of the Help We Forget

Since we’ve been sheltering in place and managing our current situation, I’ve heard the slogan, “We’re in this together” repeatedly. I guess while I am struck by it, I’ve never quite drank the kool-aid. Why? Because every demonstration seems to mock this consideration. Folx won’t wear masks, folx won’t stay home, and folx won’t refuse to gather. Folx somehow forgot…

Help Me With My Doubts!

Help Me With My Doubts!

Do you have them? Do they overwhelm your peace? Do they thrust you into a sunken place? Do they attempt to rob you of the abundance of God? I suspect each of us, as holy as we are, can answer yes, at some point in time, or perhaps even earlier this week, this day, this morning, or even right now.…

The pageantry of satan

The pageantry of satan

Over the weekend, I was cleaning out a closet. Allow me to be a bit more specific. I was cleaning out my mom’s closet, which houses all my dance ministry garments. To be honest, it takes up the majority of her closet. My mother has always been a minimalist, and I perhaps operate as the polar opposite. Funny still is…


The only action that I have loved longer than dance is writing.

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