Tracking His Timing

I’m not employed by any GPS navigation company, yet somehow I still believe (or at least attempt) to think that I can track the timing of God. I know, you are thinking, “bless her heart.” Truth is, as crazy as it sounds, I know that I am not in the club by myself. We receive a word of confirmation from someone and we think, “yes, there it is, let me posture myself.” And then you sit like Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch, waiting for something that never seems to arrive. Perhaps you even received the word from the Holy Spirit and you feel for certain that you will experience in the natural what was spoken in the spiritual – yet again, you find yourself waiting for God to do what He said. The thing is not only are our thoughts and ways not His, but the Word of the Lord declares that His thoughts and His ways are different and higher (Isaiah 55:8-9)! So assuming that we mere mortals can track the when, where, why, what and how God will do a thing is what one of my high school teachers would say is a “waste in futility.” But that doesn’t mean that we should not expect it, prepare for it or believe it to be so.

I was so tickled a few days ago as I checked on the status of a delivery I was expecting. The map associated with the delivery read, “Arrives on Saturday,” but the narrative on and below the map read, “Out for Delivery,” and it was Wednesday. The delivery was expected three days early! If I only focused on “arrives on Saturday,” I might elect to go on with my business, leave home, not tell anyone at the home to be on the lookout for it – in other words, operate in the knowledge of my timing. But in God, because we just don’t know when He will show up in all His glory, we must prepare like the blessings of God are “out for delivery.” Hallelujah! What would you do if you knew everything you’ve prayed, fasted, believed, hoped and received was “out for delivery?” We would be on the ready! When we are expecting a package, we plan our day to receive. We might get up earlier than normal to get dressed. We open our curtains. We might even sit outside because we don’t want our delivery to be snatched by porch pirates. We track the delivery truck on our apps. We look forward to receiving! Now if we can place our trust in (wo)man made technology, and trust the person who is the assigned to deliver the package to us, we most certainly can trust that what God has promised will come to purpose in our lives!

Perhaps you are still thinking, “when will God do it?!” The year is almost over – we are in the fourth quarter. God is not time bound to what we deem as significant. In business, the fourth quarter is pivotal, but in God, quarters are meaningless as He has the ability to expand our limitations and deliver what we need when He deems the timing is perfect and that we are authentically ready to receive. Let’s hold on y’all! He is out for delivery.