Speak To Your Wait Season

I don’t know about you, but when I am in a wait season, I can over time go silent. Sure in the beginning, I’m loud and demonstrative to the enemy, declaring my allegiance to God and my great expectation that He will come through. However as time goes on, I feel like Sally waiting with Linus for the great pumpkin to arrive. Secretly, I desperately whisper under my breath Sally’s rant, “I was robbed! What a fool I was. I could have been out for tricks or treats, but instead I’m waiting on something that seemingly never arrives.” But what if the rant was actually the behavior we need to exhibit? What if the rant allows us to be vocal as opposed to silent in our wait season? What if instead of radio silence during the wait, we use our words for good and not evil?

I have a lingering behavior that I developed as a child. When I am upset, I go silent. My family would quickly surmise my disappointment because I spent most hours talking. In fact, I was one of those kids who received stellar grades in school, with the exception of one consistent comment from my K-8 teachers, “talks too much.” That is certainly accurate until I’m upset. I suppose I elected to go silent because I was fully aware that the words I desired to speak could potentially fragment the relationship with the person that upset me altogether. So instead, I went quiet so as to maintain connectedness. Now that I’m older, I can better articulate that I need to take a pause until I can gather my thoughts, my ego, my hurt, my sadness, my ___________________. Yet, my silence toward God doesn’t move Him. Dare I say, it might even make Him laugh. Whether I speak it or not, God knows how I feel about being placed in the cue. God knows how I feel when I see others “jumping line” and grabbing the blessing or promise He spoke to me. God knows how I feel when I finally get to the counter and it feels like He slides the door closed for lunch. Suffice to say, all of this would be so much more manageable if God didn’t require me to wait in the first place. So, He shouldn’t be mind me being silent because after all, my words are irrelevant. But what if my thinking is all wrong?

Perhaps silence in the wait season is less about God and more about us. When I use my words I encourage myself and the wait becomes purposeful. Nothing has the ability to keep us from what God has ordained. Romans 8:38 affirms, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” God loves us through our wait season! Speaking to the wait season allows us to remind ourselves of who God is and what God has the propensity to do. Speaking to the wait season equips us against the lies and taunts of the enemy. Speaking to the wait season empowers us to continue to believe God! Speaking to the wait season may not always be audible. Speaking to the wait season may also include reading the Word of the God, attending service, fellowshipping with other believers and any other action that goes against the thoughts in our head that don’t align with God’s best for us. What can you do that is bodacious unto the Lord? As we “speak” to our wait season, we decrease our discouragement and our constant “checking” for God to do what we hope. And what we speak today has the blessed assuredness to manifest our tomorrow. Speak easy y’all.