Praxis, No Filter with Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon

We are one year since the world as we knew it changed. We were forced to spend time away from the outside and engage in the practices that we’d come to both appreciate and value. As my grandmother would say, “Time is not as long as it has been.” One year later, what are the lessons learned about yourself and others? What are your takeaways and how are you moving through the earth as a person of faith post pandemic?

You don’t want to miss this conversation with Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon, Vice Provost for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences with Walden University and a licensed clinician who sees the deep connection and value between therapy and faith.

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  • Cassandra Williams

    Awesome anointing! I have a confirmation, if God woke me up He has not given me up!
    Roll back 12 months ago!

    • Stephanie

      Amen Sister!!!!!!!!!!

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