He Prepares a Table

Therein lies evil in the land. Some folx carry it around with them. Others have power and influence to cease it from going forth, but instead perpetuate it through silence or rhetoric. Still others spew it in their words and deeds. We don’t always know the reasoning, but perhaps we can agree that it operationalizes without seeking the assistance of God. Being evil, conducting evil takes effort. If only they would instead attempt to use their evil for good, imagine the different impact they could make within the world. Perhaps they don’t know they are being evil. Here’s a quick tip. Check the action against the Word. The Word of God tells us in Psalm 23:5, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” A familiar passage. If you are like me, this was one of the first scriptures you learned. For this particular verse, I sought what Pastor Hannah in Chicago terms the “hood version.” The Message version reads, “You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies.” Glory to God! Isn’t it a blessing to consider that even when it appears that things are orchestrated for our demise, God is out here serving like none other?! Ask yourself, “Are you the reason for the table or are you an invited guest to dine?”

I choose not to focus on the enemy or his imps – but instead the power and intentionality of God to fill us amidst what appears to be barren. The Message version states a six-course dinner. However, the number six in the Bible typically has a negative connotation. Yet we also know the number 6 precedes the number 7 which brings completion. Let us not be weary in well doing. God make us to know that you will bring all things under your subjection and your people, those who are called by your Name will not experience perpetual suffering. Even when we are enthralled within the fury, God has a methodology of giving us what we need! God has set the table in such a way that all the persecute you will have VIP seats to the blessings of God over your life. So, the question becomes, “What are you bringing to the table?”

Sure, it’s prepared. We are not required to bring anything to the cookout, but it sure would be nice. Don’t settle for simply the ice (although that is critical). Think about your absolute best. We can bring praise despite what we are facing. We can port worship and remain in constant fellowship with our Creator. We can tote a bit of patience. We may need it as God allows the enemy through his imps to ramp up the evil against us. We can have a fresh Word to encourage others at the table under duress in a similar manner. We can smile for the selfies being taken as a marker of the goodness of God even in the fire. The table has been prepared. It was done with the knowledge of current occurrences before we were birthed in the earth realm. We have a choice of how we choose to show up to the table (or not). God is betting upon our appearance lest He would not go through the effort to tell us that He will bless us in such a manner that those who have constructed our fall will witness the thwarting of their efforts. May we be encouraged to put on our Sunday’s best and give the people what they don’t want – our demonstrative praise in believing that the God of our salvation will make certain we are filled and full in unfathomable circumstances. Make no mistake Saints, God is in control. Nothing catches Him by surprise. Our enemies stay plotting, but God stay purposing, planting, performing and perpetuating. Bring your gratefulness for His faithfulness with you to the table. Now, for the third and most important question, “What we wearing?”


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