God’s Got a Chip For You!

I had so much fun during the course of last week watching Dillon. Apparently, people associated with Dillon’s mom think more highly of Dillon’s behavior. The mother elected to record Dillon being placed in time out. While recording, Dillon pulled a large what appeared to be tortilla chip from underneath her shirt. Dillon had prepared in advance for her staycation in the corner. Her mother responded, “Dillon, I know you don’t have a chip, do you?” Dillon’s response was “yup,” as she began to eat it. When I tell you, I cried tears of laughter, believe me! But then, I began to cry tears of joy when I considered the scenario through the lens of God because truthfully speaking, “God has a chip just for me and you.”

Perhaps you’ve been feeling like God’s placed you in an isolation experience of time out, moving a bit slow to respond to the promises He’s shared with you in prayer, through the Word, perhaps even confirmed through sermons or in that small still voice. Yet, your present environment does not appear to correspond or align with your present circumstances. Galatians 6:9 admonishes, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” If I look at what is “not happening” through my limited lens, I can feel as though my time out is never going to end. Yet, we serve an infinite God, who never forgets! While we stand to receive what we need, what He’s promised and even a little of what we desire, we don’t have to stash our own chip, because God has one for us. We must resist the invitation of the enemy to just “do me,” because “doing me without God,” is nonsensical.

Isn’t it amazing to consider that every perceived “time out” is opportunity for God to prepare us for not only the chip, but the whole bag. Sure, it doesn’t always feel good. However, there is a regimen that we may assume while we wait, and that is worship. I know, this is not my first rodeo in terms of lifting this up, but it’s what has gotten me through my toughest corner moments, minutes, months and those lengths of time that we haven’t mustered up the description for beyond an insistent desire for it to be #over. There is absolutely no way that even with my most vivid imagination that I can design something better for me than the God who created me! While I wait, I must carry on my person whatever is beneficial and sustainable to my soul until God grants me with the chip that He’s held close to His chest just for me, all along. Hang in there, Dillon. You’re not by yourself. And when the enemy taunts us to remove ourselves from time out, questioning if we are going to instead, wait on God, may we give him a resounding, “YUP!” May we each be reminded to carry the presence of the Almighty as we wait with great expectancy for Him to show up – as He always does!