Frequently Bought Together

I had one of those sleepless nights. I think my mind was focused on the fact that I needed to arise early in the morning for service. I went to bed with it on my mind and perhaps my intention awoke me – or so I thought. A few hours after I laid my head down, I awoke. At first, I tended to my “personal summer” by turning the ceiling fan on. After I cooled off, I laid looking up at said ceiling fan. I’ve learned to go ahead and ask God if there’s something He needed to share with me. He turned it around and asked me, “Is there something you need to share with me?” So I began. I shared my concern about family, work, ministry and my most recent attempt to glorify Him, through my book. I said, “God, I’m about six weeks out. I wonder if it is doing what you intended.” I heard, “Go check Amazon.” I thought, “what else am I doing at 4am.” I checked and while the number in terms of sells has not altered too much, I noticed the algorithm pairing. There was the note, “Frequently bought together,” my book with a plus sign, and then Tabitha Brown’s book. I quickly ascertained that my time of interruption served as a reminder and affirmation to me to keep going.

Everyone’s favorite mom, Tabitha Brown’s arrival was not easy nor quick. She is quite transparent in sharing her testimony of the press amidst every logical consideration to stop. She lives faith aloud. God chose to demonstrate a tangible, visible example paired with my offering to suggest what is both tangible and worthy of consideration. Luke 18:27 reads, “But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” Even when circumstances present as inaccessible, unimaginable and unbelievable, we must exchange our doubt for demonstrative faith. In that moment, as I petitioned God and likely expressed my apprehension, He chose to direct my attention to hope in Him. God’s will is performed in the earth as He orchestrates. He can use people, places or things for the manifestation of His Glory!

I wish I could tell you that I went back to sleep. I did not. Before long, my alarm went off to arise and prepare to go to church. However, the pairing was pressed in my head. Just as my book and her book were next to one another as a suggestion, none of it matters if I am not paired with God. Me + Him must remain frequently together. Further, the purchase for my sin at Calvary is evidence of our linkage. That’s how I rest, even when I may not sleep.