Do It Again!

How y’all doing out there? Are you team #nevermissaMonday? Welp, if you ate like me, perhaps you should be. I actually worked out on Thanksgiving but paid for all activity post workout. I followed up to workout both Saturday and Sunday because I was feeling extra fluffy. 😂 We had family visiting from out of town and thus, I ate way more food than normal as well as lots of opportunities to eat and talk, talk and eat and eat some more. In preparation of the family’s arrival, I went to the store and secured all the ingredients for the mac and cheese. I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to taste it because of my gluten allergy, but I’d also planned to make a gluten and dairy free mac and cheese for myself (don’t knock it till you try it). At any rate, I summoned my Aunt Eloise who passed earlier this year to be with me for the mac and cheese preparation. It was her specialty. Let’s just say, she must have had other things to do because my mac and cheese for the first time ever turned out horrible! I wish I’d taken the picture. I don’t know if it was the milk or the cheese or the temperature or a cruel joke from my ancestor of an aunt, but it was not fit to be consumed. My mother quickly reminded me of how expensive the dish was and the fact that I was tired and needed to let it go. In my mind, I was already mapping out my trip to the store (again) to secure the ingredients to begin again.

I strongly believe that we are in a season where we must be vulnerable enough to trust God again. Perhaps it didn’t work out the first time or even the 100th, it doesn’t necessarily mean that God will not respond favorably as we hold onto the promise. Times are undoubtedly hard and tough, and particularly during the “tis the season.” Yet, we serve a God of “all the seasons,” and He knows the precise time to answer our cry. As likened to the mac and cheese, I had enough history of it going well, to not allow this one time to cancel out prior evidence. In this moment, I have enough testimonial proof that God is a prayer answering God and will never leave me out here by myself. Perhaps I need to alter my regimen.

After I revisited the store, I selected a different brand of cheese, heavy cream and pasta. I took my time. I chose a pan as opposed to the pot I typically use. I moved more methodically and I believed God for the second chance. Saints, don’t you know that the mac and cheese, the second time around was magnificent?! No need to dispose of it. I couldn’t taste it, but I knew it reflected the time and attention, but more importantly the belief that it would turn out alright. I changed my strategy. The same must be true for us in our faith walk. We not only must trick the enemy, but trick ourselves to combat doubt, fear and uncertainty. If I can trust myself to make another batch of mac and cheese after a disastrous attempt, certainly I can trust the God of Creation to cook up a beautiful response to the messes of my life.

What is on your heart? What are you hoping for? What have you attempted to convince yourself is far out of your reach? Perhaps even not on the mind of God? Philippians 1:6 reads, “And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” God’s work is always underway, even when we don’t see it, feel it nor smell it. We have to trust Him in the process to get to the completion. While certainly the mac and cheese debacle cannot compare to the twists and toils of life, the seamless thread is beginning again and believing God to do what we’ve nestled in our hearts. Whatever you’ve placed on the altar, be sure to believe that it will happen. There is no timetable in God. It is us who places restrictions and constraints on an infinite and timeless God. Let us not be fearful in this season and be bold and perhaps even crazy enough to “do it again.” Check out the photo of the second mac and cheese, a result of a “do it again.” I think my Aunt Eloise would be proud.

Trust God to “do it again.”