Praxis, No Filter with Dr. Katherine Jordan

This week’s. blog, entitled. “The Siri God,” explored how often we are more willing to put our faith and trust in technology, than in God. As a scientist, coupled with being a believer, listen as Dr. Katherine Jordan unfolds both her challenges and triumphs experienced along this dichotomy. She also provides sage advice in relation to honing your skills as you navigate employment, under employment and unemployment.  This episode is packed with nuggets. Be sure to catch em!


  • Brenda Strickland

    Proud of you ladies! Dr. and Dr.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much for listening! Blessings to you!

  • Tiffany B

    Two awesome women! Thank you for doing and sharing this!

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much Tiffany for checking it out!

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