Worshipper in the Workplace


You found the job with your name on it! You meet the qualifications. Actually, you don’t, but you have a prayer circle that will bombard heaven on your behalf to ensure that you are considered. You prepare. You knock the interview out of the ballpark. You’re offered the position, and you accept. You meticulously select your first day of work outfit. You pack your favorite coffee mug. You make certain you have lunch money just in case no one offers to dine with you on your first day. You plan the quickest route to the workplace. You are ready! Yet, you’ve forgotten one crucial, make or break concept. Have you considered the worshipper you will be in the workplace?

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Educator, Higher Education Professional and Worship Leader, Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett shares how through trial and triumph she learned to live authentically as a worshipper, both internal and external to the sanctuary. Through narratives, humor and theory into practice, she demonstrates to anyone how to fully embrace each position of employment as an opportunity of worship deployment, uniquely ordained by the Creator. In these pages you’ll discover:

  • How to love the job you hate
  • How to use your gifts in a dormant environment
  • To understand the purpose behind assignment blessings
  • Why your favor is beneficial in secular spaces
  • How to be a worshipper in the workplace despite your cultural DNA with historical implications

Your workplace can become what you desire it to be. If you are curious as to how, this book is for you!


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