You Didn’t Burn Up!

Y’all recall how many were declaring the year 2020 as “perfect vision?” Well, I don’t know about perfect vision in the natural. Your girl has been wearing corrective lenses since she was four and her eyesight is a bit troubling without the utility of her contacts. But I digress. In December 2019, I scrolled and listened to message after message of 2020 bringing forth vision like never before. Well, said prophets were correct; yet I cannot imagine they believed their declarations to manifest as they have. Truly 2020 has proven herself to demonstrate the tenacity of our faith and our ability to see clearly like never before. Sounds like perfect vision to me. I won’t dare suggest any themes for 2021, except that we continue to place our trust in Him.

With everything we endured, and sadly watching and witnessing all that has occurred in both the United States and the world, the only confirmation I seem to be left with is that, “You didn’t burn up!” Glory to God! I could stop the post right here and go into a shout! The sickness of COVID, coupled with the sickness of racism took many of us out…but God! You recall in the third chapter of Exodus the narrative of Moses? He was tending to his flock when he witnessed a burning bush that was not consumed, while receiving a directive from God! Again, Glory to God! I don’t know what you have endured this entire year, this month, this week, this day or even this hour – but all I can vehemently declare is that YOU WERE NOT CONSUMED!!!!!!!! It was rough. Job loss, death, underemployment, depression, sickness, isolation, discrimination, racial profiling and all matter of disease – but here you are, even if on a thread, clinging to this side of the mountain, yet holding on and believing God for all the promises He’s declared in His Word. No matter what is happening around us or in our line of sight, we musn’t forget to remain as often as we can on holy ground, recognizing that the great I AM is completely aware of our current situation and prepared to rescue us – and when He does, as He does, all that is expected is that we worship Him. Selah. Worship Him saints. It’s how we gain our strength. It’s how we manifest our stamina. It’s how we glory in sickness. It’s how we prevail in sadness. It’s how we increase our sustainability. It’s how we maintain our sanity.

You didn’t burn up! You are here. You may be a bit worn and tattered, but you are here. And if the Lord allows, if He allows, we will see 2021, a new year, with new eyes – just like the ones I excitedly received following my eye exam. With my new glasses, all things were clear. In God, may He allow in 2021, all things to become new. May we forget the things of old and trust Him for what is to come. Happy New Year y’all! Now throw on your best shout music and join in with me for a dance to remind satan that he is not victorious – not by a long shot. We praise God! We thank God! We didn’t burn up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!