There’s a lot of weight in that “if”

A classmate of mine responded in the comment field to last week’s blog.  Check it out if you haven’t.  He commented that the post was a gentle reminder that “if” we listen closely, God will speak to us. I couldn’t agree more. I replied, “I agree wholeheartedly! A lot of weight in that “if.” Shortly thereafter, I entered into my prayer and meditation. As I rose from my knees, I said to God, “I know you’ve got this.” I heard, “If you listen.” So, wait. God, you really going to echo my classmates’ comments? Like for real, directly to what I’m petitioning?! I was floored. I quickly moved to retrieve my laptop and began typing what you are reading.

The ”if” is heavy. Certainly not because of God, but as a direct result and correlation with our obedience. Wait. Let me not rope y’all into this tomfoolery. With my obedience. Truthfully, the weight is not as difficult as presented. It should be easy to rise from our knees because we are symbolically demonstrating our reliance upon God to fix whatever we present. One rises slowly or apprehensively when there isn’t full assurance that it’s in the Master’s hands; when instead, it may be that we need to tarry a bit longer and linger with our reluctance to relinquish what belongs to Him anyway.

What is it that heavies our heart, our mind, our will, our belief? We must determine a methodology for naming “it” and then radically place “it” in the loving arms of our Father. During said prayer time, I was catapulted back over 20 years to something I really believed that I had overcome. I then fabricated my own grand connection to something that is presently unresolved. As opposed to me focusing on the fact who God was back then and that He remains a sustainer and has allowed me to persevere, I wasted time and energy on that which pale in comparison to the Glory of God. I failed to focus on what He has orchestrated despite my unseeming interventions. If we trust God, we come to rely on His wisdom and uncanny ability to perfect that which concerns us (Psalm 138:8). If we choose to listen, if we choose to be silent, if we choose to wait, if we but let God be God, we can take solace in “if you listen.” God is speaking. Are we open to the possibility to hear what is being said? But for the if.


  • Pastor Melvin Jackson

    Hello Stephanie, this is awesome! The message yesterday to the congregation was Are You Listen? “If” you don’t mine, I would to share your message ‘IF’ with them.

    • Stephanie

      Pastor! God be praised! Yes! Please feel free to do so!

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