Open Up Pandora!

A close sister friend called me recently and shared that she was reaching out to those close to her, who believe in the power of prayer and would be committed to covering she and her family as they transition to an environment more conducive for their peace. I count it a blessing to be “in the number.” We prayed immediately and then went on speaking and connecting. She shared that she turned on Pandora as a way to distract the thoughts flooding her mind and as God would allow, every song that came on was inspirational and encouraging. Lissen. If we haven’t learned anything amidst a global pandemic, it is that God is in fact intentional and will give us what we need, when we need it! Make no mistake, I absolutely love worship music…I’m listening to some as a type, but what we deposit on the inside connects with “the what” of the worship. While it may seem as though the music alters our atmosphere, it is in fact the presence of God that we have curated within our being that connects and resonates with what is happening on the inside. I told my sister that she carries the presence – she is in fact the “Pandora,” as each of us who believe in the power and manifestation of the Almighty God! And when we dare to open the box that is our being, when we dare to open “Pandora,” good things happen!

The enemy is full aware of our playlist. Accordingly, he makes every attempt available within his reach to disturb our ability to connect with our source. But this is limited and only applicable to the extent that the Lord allows. As opposed to spending our time on what the enemy is orchestrating (by permission), let us concentrate on the enormity of the God within us and what happens when we usher Him into every situation, problem, concern and consequence. May we be compelled to respond with the weight of worship, the representation of faith, assurance and settlement, knowing that we serve a God who knows the outcome of everything we are navigating, yet still desires to experience connectivity with us. We are conditioned to believe that opening “Pandora’s Box” is creating opportunity for trouble to be released, however, might we reject that notion and instead embrace our response with who God is and whom we are in Him! God is the conductor of “it.” As we move closer to Pentecost, we know that is the representation of the Holy Spirit descending upon God’s people. As “Pandoras,” we are releasing the praises of God, the fire of God, the holiness of God and the presence of God and we are empowered to operate in the gifts granted to us. Lest we forget. Whatever we need to do to remind ourselves and those around us of who we are in God, let us be about our father’s business. Go head and open up Pandora, God is waiting and on the ready! The enemy on the other hand ain’t ready for what happens next.