It’s Giving God!

I was blessed to attend a professional conference last week. First in person experience in over two years. Suffice to say, I was excited and nervous. Being in a room with hundreds, even thousands made me a little queasy. However, I’d committed myself so, I got myself under subjection and went. I had a nice time overall, yet something was remarkably different. I assumed it was because of the fact that I’d not participated in a minute, but it was actually something else. For years, I’d attended iterations of this professional conference and very seldom found myself able to just take in the information and enjoy it. More often than not, I was on the hunt for a different opportunity, and so I spent endless hours pouring through the position vacancy announcements and combed “the book” of who was in attendance and how could I schedule or find myself in an impromptu meeting with someone who had the influence to get me to my next. Woosah. I would walk through the lobby ear hustling to deals being made – deals about the positions that I was following the protocol, but overhearing decisions already being etched in stone. I would leave the conference drained, and burdened down with business cards and what I would now term empty promises.

Fast forward a few years and a closer walk with God. I’m not suggesting that I’ve arrived at where I desire. I think God still has another position (or two) in mind for me, but how I obtain it is set up differently than before. Sure, I must apply, but I also recognize – fully – that what God has purposed and ordained for me cannot be undone by any other besides Him. He has orchestrated my steps, every step of the way and it will be up to Him to determine my next. I don’t have to “be in the room” to obtain the blessings that go forth. He is in charge of my past, my present and my future and no amount of personal manipulation can alter what He intends. The Word of the Lord declares, “Do not curse small beginnings”(Zechariah 4:10). As such, while walking through the conference, in and out of sessions, I was reminded of every place God allowed me to assume. And I was grateful for each one. Each new opportunity was an answered prayer. And to be sure, each one, as I reflect was, “giving God!”

It’s giving God when I look back at my application materials after I’ve accepted the position and see a typo in the cover letter. It’s giving God when I ran into traffic and was late for the “meet and greet,” knowing full well that was officially the beginning of my “interview.” It’s giving God when my technology elected to “quit,” and I had to wing it. It’s giving God when someone who clearly has an “agenda” during the Q&A, and they get shut down by their colleague….in front of me. It’s giving God when the negotiation turned in my favor. It’s giving God when He sends the one person I was concerned about being a team member to another job. To be sure, our professional pursuits are constantly “giving God,” so we should, must give Him praise!

As I walked through the convention center, I couldn’t help but glorify God. I overheard people glorify themselves, insist on being acknowledged either by title or position and I thought to myself, I can only speak for myself, but nothing I’ve done can be overshadowed by the grace of God. In this season and in the breath I have in this moment, “It’s Giving God!” May we never forget.