Have You Unsubscribed?

If 2020 has taught me nothing, I’ve surely learned that I have little to no time to be entangled in foolishness. God has been too good to accept the limitations of others as permanent fixtures in my life. I simply don’t have the energy to act outside of the will of God. As I was attempting to clear out my inbox, I noticed a plethora of emails from various companies that I do not patron. At some point, I signed up to receive communication, but I failed to control the type of messages to be received as well as the frequency. So in essence, I subjected myself (via my inbox) to any and everything they were offering. Occasionally, I’ve felt this way as a believer, in that my simple “Yes” to God is a “yes” to everyone else. That somehow the fact that I take my relationship with Jesus seriously, that I will take anything from everyone else as well – and particularly from other believers. I’ve found them to be the most problematic demonstrators. However, unless we’ve not explicitly stated our conditions, we cannot expect that people will magically follow our expectations and directives. As in the case of emails, until I’ve logged in to select how often I wish to receive communication and the type, I will continue to receive deals, steals, doorbusters, early bird specials and the like several times per day. Until I hit “unsubscribe” I will continue to be flooded with offerings that I care not to engage. And similarly with folx, until I hit “unsubscribe” to their shenanigans, I will continue to be bombarded with unnecessity.

Selecting “unsubscribe” frees one from receipt of clutter, while selecting “unsubscribe” with others will minimize their attempt to bring you trickery. And when they do make the attempt, you may alter your response. I choose joy. I choose peace. I choose laughter. I choose God. And if someone else chooses in opposition, that is okay, I just don’t have to engage it in my personhood. Because as intently as I may be about “unsubscribing” trust and believe someone else is acting in the polar opposite manner, registering for everything that does not align to God’s purpose in my life.

So, what does one do? The invitation may still show up – they always do – but we can do as in the Geico commercial that I love, where the man goes in the attic of a home he purchased to find all kinds of weirdness. He backs up and He says, “Nope. No thank you.” I offer you the same. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard (Isaiah 59:19). Sometimes, we must be that standard in our words, actions and behavior; be that one who will reject what is being thrown, offered, extended, beckoned or thrusted. The response doesn’t have to be harsh. It can be “No. Nope. No thank you, or even silence.” Your defiance may result in receiving a “If you are no longer interested in receiving communication” message – and you may simply remind them that you are “unsubscribed.” I have elected to “unsubscribe” to the antics of the enemy and the imps that manifest on his behalf. After all that I’ve endured, my inbox is full and I’ve set delete all. Unless you mean well, consider your invitation to be spam or in trash. Sorry. Not sorry. Again, I love God too much. You’re leaving? Yes. I’ve got Kingdom work to do.