God’s Weigh Station

I shared last week that I was on a road trip with my mom. Well, we traveled from North Carolina to Atlanta on to New Orleans, then Arkansas, back to Atlanta and home. A sista is tired y’all. I drove somewhere in the arena of 2200 miles. To maintain our sanity and alertness during the drive, we talked, laughed, listened to music and sermons, told stories, worshipped and called family members to pass the time. We took in God’s glory as noted in clouds, scenery and wildlife. There was so much to see and God blessed me to receive revelation all along the journey. I also noticed things that did not appear to have as purposeful meaning, for example, weigh stations. One in particular was packed, with trucks lined up as far back as the exit. I was struck by this one immensely. I was disappointed that I was driving and could not capture a photo of what I witnessed. Weigh stations are necessary to provide opportunity for safety against state regulations. Weight and equipment are checked to ensure that malfunctions won’t occur; the truck itself may be checked for leaks or fluids; the driver may be engaged to determine if they have gotten the proper amount of rest/sleep and finally the weight of the load is checked to make sure it’s not too heavy. As I examined the seemingly significant amount of truckers waiting for the weigh, I imagined humanity being humble enough to know when to come off the road of life to lighten our heavy burdens upon the one who can assume the weight. Accordingly, how often and how necessary is it for us to stop by the weigh station?

The last two weeks were definitely an occasion for me personally to lighten my load. I’ve found myself navigating multiple life events. I was grateful for vacation and the space to connect with family and friends who love me, despite me or the realities that the enemy attempts to convince me that define me. Yet no matter how loving each person was to me and how they made me laugh, only the lover of my soul can provide the refuge I require. Only He can beckon me to rest by relinquishing my heaviness unto Him. Matthew 11:28 affirms, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” In the natural, truckers are required to stop to “get weighed,” but as believers, God allows us to operate in free will. While we are not required as the truckers, it is for our benefit to know the difference between what man can do vs. the Son of Man.

God’s weigh station is always available. God’s weigh station is uniquely designed to meet each of us as the point of our need – whether we intentionally check in or thrust ourselves in the bosom of God as a result of disappointment, hurt, anger, pain or numbness. Just as the journey for truckers, we are encouraged to stop often. While the truckers have to wait their turn, God’s omnipresence allows every person to receive what they need at the same time. There are no lines in God, only alignment. Whatever is faulty, malfunctioning, overweight, imbalanced, out of order or disturbed, can be addressed by our Creator. He gives rest for our weariness and peace for our worry. Now, it’s important to mention that just like some truckers, we too may attempt to avoid the weigh station. Sometimes we are fully aware that we are out of compliance and do not desire to change, but also, not get caught. It’s important to know that we serve an all knowing God and one that we cannot hide from. Because God refuses to force themself upon us, we can rest assured that when we are prepared to be lightened and enlightened, there is God, with open arms at each weigh station in each season or road trip.


  • Keila

    Dr. Helms Pickett your words are very powerful yet healing for the soul. You’re articulation and symbolism of the world to God’s word is phenomenal and much needed. Keep letting him use you. Thank you

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I will do my best as a living sacrifice. Blessings to you!

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