God’s Fall Fashion Show

The weather is changing. I love fall but I’ve come to love summer a tiny bit more. Nevertheless, I can’t control the temperature, so I engage in what I can assume ownership of, looking for a few items to add to the closet in alignment with the climatic evolution. LOL! Hey, I was just trying to avoid stating that I may have allegedly done a little retail therapy. At any rate, during my perusal online of the alleged activity, I continued to see dresses and skirts in particular called “jacquard.” Now, I’ve seen this before, but it appeared far more enormous and repetitive than I ever could imagine. When I could no longer consider my small exploration a coincidence, I googled “jacquard.” I would have preferred to call the post graduate student who holds a degree in fashion design, but her inquiry as to why I needed to know was too much to endure; but I digress. Good ole’ Miriam stay ready and graciously provided the following, “a fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern.” Okay. She was not as helpful as I expected. I then knew God was “woven” into this quest. The Holy Spirit prompted me to continue. I really wanted to ask, “So am I still going to do some shopping or nah?”

On the same search page, there was a section that read, “People also ask.” I was curious because, “I am people.” A response read, “Jacquard fabric refers to any type of pattern that is woven directly into the material, rather than embroidered, printed or stamped onto the fabric.” I felt the presence of God. As the seasons change and in the changing of seasons in our lives, set apart from the weather, we cannot afford to alter our patterning in God. We must retain as deeply detailed in His presence, in His mind, on His heart and His ways of being in everything we do, everywhere we go and all that we aspire and purpose to be. The beauty of jacquard is that it reflects a process from the early days of weaving fabric, which required two people to loom on a vary large machine which was quite a bit time consuming. In 1804, Joseph Marie Jacquard, a former loom worker debuted punch cards of various patterns so that the machine could do the “imprint” so to speak. Now the concept still remains to this day, but now it operates through computerized systemization, but still resulting in the weave imprinting within the fabric, often allowing someone who purchases clothing made out of it, to wear the item in reverse. Do you feel God in this like I do?

We can’t control the weather. We can’t control God. However, no matter the changes that occur around and to us, we can accept changes as “punch cards,” knowing in the end that we can lovingly and assuredly submit them to the ultimate designer, our Heavenly Father, through humble submission and expect a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness as presented in Isaiah 61:3. Our “punch cards” bear data of life’s obstacles and triumphs and no matter which one you find yourself connected to, we are offered the standing opportunity to cycle them to the One who can create the best design we could not even imagine. And as we imprint ourselves in our Creator, we not only reflect Him internally for those on the front rows of our showings, but we are most concerned with the amount and integrity of the space that God assumes in our heart, our mind, our spirit and our soul. That is the space that waters the seed that others see on the outside. As likened to the jacquard fabric, we can wear God on the inside and out.

As I considered the intricate and intentional patterning of God and His imprint I couldn’t help but say “God your will be done and it is my joy to accept it!” My punch cards may appear large and looming to me, but they don’t stand a chance under the auspices of My God, Great God! Likened unto the vine, in John 15, as we abide in Him, He will abide in us! That’s good news, just like a good sale. We are His workmanship and no matter what presents itself to us, God still is unashamed and proudly sets us on His walkway of His Fall Fashion Show. Our shame was atoned at the Cross and so no matter what we’ve done or what’s been done to us, as we repent and place our trust in the One who knew our steps before we acted upon them, we can strut with confidence with the One who has never failed! And oh, if the brothers out here in these streets objecting to the receipts from retailing, just remind them that like most other things, it’s one of their own’s fault. I’m certain Joseph Marie Jacquard’s wife Claudine would agree. Happy Fall y’all and happy seeking the imprint of God internal to your heart and external through your actions along with a bit of “jacquarding,” et. al.