Because He’s Solvent and He’s Solvent!!!

Put your thinking caps on! Actually, you should already have it locked atop your head. We are a little beyond Labor Day, which means everyone should be in school – those in the South, midwest, out west and the northern states as well; in addition both traditional and year round calendar students. And, please allow me space to introduce the newest enrollment class – the guardians and parents of the kids, required to serve as both teacher and learner amidst the pandemic. Class is definitely in session. I was blessed to attend THE BEST high school in my hometown of Chicago – and I would actually place it against high schools all over the country. Lindblom was filled with curious, smart, unassuming and focused young people, who additionally had a flair for fun. For someone who has lived outside of Chicago for over 25 years, Facebook has enabled me to catch up with many of my high school friends, and witness the amazing lives they’ve been afforded to pursue – and now that we’re older, the additional blessing is watching their children graduate from high school, attend college, some graduating from college and pursuing life on their own. in that spirit, over the weekend, one of my high school friends, Alisha Roberts-Novak (google her, you won’t be disappointed) posted a picture of her son who models, as she did (and perhaps still may). I commented on the post, writing, “He’s beautiful.” She responded, “Thanks. I’m just glad he’s solvent.” The way that response hit my spirit was utterly ridiculous! Immediately I knew God was birthing what you are presently reading.

My friend was referencing her son being in the position to live independently and assume responsibility for his personal debts – any and all parents’ dream.. However, additionally solvent has an alternative meaning; and as such, enter my unexplainable gratitude to our heavenly father. You must understand, through the lens of our high school experience, which was steeped and concentrated in math and science, I further leaned to a myriad of definition for solvent, in addition to one, being centered in a chemistry space. Included, but not limited to: (1) being something that can dissolve; (2) something that provides a solution and (3) something that eliminates. All this time, I’ve loved singing Daryl Coley’s, “Because He’s Sovereign,” when everything that I’ve experienced, coupled with everything you’ve experienced usher us to the conclusion that additionally, “He’s Solvent!” Allow to me unfold.

As a result of God being solvent, we can move about with liberty. The nature of our debt was paid at Calvary, when Jesus died on the cross so that we might have life both here and in the eternal. The sacrifice assumed absolved our sin before, during and after. As the parent of two young adults, I too share excitement for witnessing our children to live on their own, take care of their personal needs and pay their own bills. Shonda! But I also share the commitment to always do whatever I can to assist in making their life akin to living in the abundance. If there is any debt that I can reasonably assume for them, or absolve them from assuming additional debt, then I volunteer for that assignment as well. And as Jesus did and does on our behalf, He ensures that there is no evidence. Through His Blood, He dissolutions our pain, our trauma, our insecurity and our uncertainty into His loving arms of grace and mercy, affording our ability to live in the abundance. No matter what we face, He is both solvent and solvent. He paid our debt (the gift that keeps on giving) and He has the ability and determination to erase that which may cause us to question His love for us concurrently providing solution for any and everything that we encounter and any and everything we are tricked to believe has apprehended us. May we stand firm in Philippians 4:19-20 as it commands, “And with all his abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs. To our God and Father be the glory forever and ever! Amen.” Whatever may concern us, will be addressed by God.

This is certainly not the academic year that any of us expected or anticipated. But trust, this didn’t take God by surprise. He was built for this! And as we place our trust in Him, despite the fact that we don’t know when the outside may be ready to play with us again, we can, no, we must, remain focused on the one who has paid our debt, the one who dissolves that which causes us anxiety, the one who provides solutions to concerns that seem insurmountable, and the one who eliminates the unwanted or undesired. May we allow those considerations to crystalize over our mind, our thoughts, our behavior and our actions. Because without question, He’s Solvent and He’s Solvent! Bunsen burners down.