Your Healing is Imminent!

Since Wednesday night rehearsal with the dance ministry and praise team at my church, I’ve been singing, “So many doors you’ve opened, so many ways you’ve made, so many times you healed me!” Its a song led by a worship leader named Todd Galberth.  Listening to that portion of the song and allowing your mind to play a visual representation of the lyrics can send one (and should) into full worship.

Allow me to be transparent.  Not all doors that God opened and ways He made were chosen by me.  Often times, I missed the opportunities as a result of me thinking that I knew best, or just simple ignorance and not recognizing what God was presenting as an opportunity or way of escape.  You know, if we’re not careful, we can even determine God’s blessing in disguise as the enemy’s curse over our lives.  This walk requires us to be in tune with God in all seasons.  When we are out of sync, our desire for promotion, blessings and newness result in us being on the one hit wonder list rather than hitting the top of the charts and remaining for a never before seen streak.  Nevertheless there are lessons to be learned whether or not we follow God’s voice and the prompting of the Holy Spirit; and those lessons are learned in particular through the last line, “So many times you’ve healed me!” Healed as we have come to learn is not always proportionately linked with the physical.  Let’s take a closer examination.

Healing can come in many forms.  Healing through the form of assurance comes when we follow God and we receive blessings, deliverance, and affirmation resulting in a closer walk with our Creator.  However, healing is not only limited to when we know we’ve done the “right thing,” or more appropriately stated, “His will.”   Let’s also consider the healing that emerges from choosing different doors and paths than what the Lord provided.  I remember hearing, “everything that looks good is not always good.”  Therefore, every opportunity that presents itself is not in the end the best or ideal option for one’s total wellness.  God has the desire to heal us and place us on a path that enables us to listen more closely to him.  While watching Nik Wallenda’s latest feat in Chicago, he said something quite striking to me.  He asked the people who were watching him to quiet down.  He went on to say, ” I’ve got to hear my dad, he’s the one telling me my steps.”  Now, I won’t even begin to debate the fact that Nik Wallenda was on a tightrope, suspended in the sky of the windy city; but his words rang in my spirit.

It is imperative that we quiet the voices of people, in order to hear our Heavenly Father so that he may order our steps.  How profound that this person who is a 7th generation tightrope walker, experienced, rehearsed and prepared, and yet, he recognized the need to hear from his father at the most critical time in his career.  I would suggest that this framework is appropriate for us all.  Our healing can be delayed as we listen to voices other than the Father.  Our healing can be derailed by assuming we know best.  Our healing can be contaminated by infusing our will as opposed to that of the Father.  Our healing can be denied even because of ourselves.  We can become so enculturated to bondage and the sickness that we fear what liberation may look, feel and taste like.  In the interim, our prescription that we must fill is: to study God’s Word, get lost in praise and worship, journal our thoughts, pray and seek wise counsel, fast from things that take you from being in the presence of God and maintain connection with the body of Christ.  Recently, I was speaking with a sister in Christ who was just returning to church after recovering from surgery.  She shared with me that technology allowed her to remain connected to the church, and she had convinced herself that creating a sanctuary at home with the accoutrements of “church” would suffice.  It resulted in being a press to return to church once she was physically strong enough to come.  Let’s not cast out Hebrews 10:25.  We never know if just our presence in the House of the Lord is critically linked to someone else’s dire need; better still, someone else’s healing.

We serve a sovereign God, and yet he expects us to operate on his behalf in the earth.  We are living epistles, bringing the good news of Jesus the Christ everywhere we go.  We are like walking medicine for the soul.  We carry healing in our words, actions and thoughts.  However, let us be mindful that even we elect to withhold what God has given us for someone else, or even ourselves, healing will come, by choice or by force, by hook or by crook, but imminent nonetheless. So many doors you’ve opened, so many ways you’ve made, so many times you healed me!

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