You Got Next!

In a recent text message exchange with the post collegiate, I learned of her disappointment. Over the last three months or so, she’s learned that people on her job, specifically those hired after her are being paid at a higher rate of pay. Before the most recent revelation, she approached her manager. She unfolded her case. She’s been working on the job for six months. She performs managerial and administrative responsibilities. She is considered a “go to” person on the team; and yet her compensation does not reflect such. She was informed that raises are only considered after a year of employment. That lackluster sentiment was taken until she learned of the most recent hire that is being paid more. I inquired, “How do you know?” She responded that the person left open their profile and she saw it. Yikes! Or nah?!

It would be easy, and understandable to get upset. After all, if the company has money to provide those employed after your hire, couldn’t the company accordingly compensate current employees? While she expressed her frustration, she said, “I want to be compensated in a way more than my name on the board!” Apparently, the person with the highest sales get their name on the whiteboard. As a parent, my heart went out to her. The mama cub in me began to rage. The woman in me was stirred up, considering the extent to which our work is devalued, even at the hands of other women. The blackness in me was not surprised, as in the words of the Five Heartbeats, “every night, I’ve got to fight to prove my love!” Yet, the most important aspect of my identity, that overwhelming identity as a child of the most High God felt a praise deep on the inside and a reassurance that I can hardly describe. I thought, “Now, we are in the right place and your blessing is immediately within your reach!”

Psalm 84:11 affirms, “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord bestows grace and favor and honor; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Even as man or woman attempts to withhold, we must recall that the only whiteboard that matters is that on the tablet of God. He hasn’t forgotten about us. We remain at the center, even amidst others treating us as though we are on the peripheral. While there is an order in the earth, it is always subject to the sovereignty of God! Yet, when we are not experiencing the abundance that we desire and quite frankly anticipate as a believer, we can’t go all Geto Boys and allow our mind to play tricks on us! Hey, don’t judge me! Seriously though, the enemy would have us to believe that we are forgotten, that we don’t matter, that we are last on the list of God. Lies he tells! And lies we believe if we are not careful.

God allowed the profile to be seen. It brought up some feels. Sometimes God allows us access to information that seems to counter what we sense in our soul. Not to fret. More importantly, our profile may be seen at any time, in the volume of the book! The Word of God is filled with countless promises to those who believe and walk uprightly before God. Its no secret that you are his radar. It may not feel like it, and that is why we must consume the Word of God to battle the demonstrations that would have us to believe differently. When we receive messages as well as what is perceived to be tangible evidence that we are not on the mind and heart of God, his Word will confirm otherwise. Your blessing is nigh! You got next!

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