When God is Doin’ the Most!

mostGod is everything! God can be everywhere all at the same time! He avails his presence even when we haven’t placed ourselves in position to receive.  He loves us more than we love ourselves.  If we were to look up doin’ the most in the urban dictionary, it would reference someone who elected to demonstrate behavior considered to be over the top, exaggerated, perhaps even extravagant for insignificant reasons.  Too bad the submitter didn’t consider God in writing the definition.  I would suggest that everything that God elects to do is for significance, with full intention that he will get all the glory!

When God is doin’ the most, it undoubtedly feels like he in actuality is doin’ the least.  The fact of the matter is that he allows trouble, tribulation and trial when it seems as though he would gently intercede with his hand and make it all better like a band-aid after a fall.  After all, he is fully aware of our hurt before we experience it.  While I am much more seasoned of life than I was even a year ago (and sometimes even yesterday), it doesn’t cease my desire for God to step in and shut it down.  Instead, he desires our full reliance on him and trust that he knows what is best for us and he will in the end (and beginning and middle) perfect that which concerneth me (and you) as instructed in Psalm 138:8.  God’s idea of perfection emerges from a stance of doin’ the most.  But oh how we love the result, if we can just hold out.

When it feels as though we are not at the top of God’s priority list, there remains an expectation to act like we are next in line for our blessing, and quiet as it’s kept, we actually are! It may feel like we are under consideration like Job, but while the majority of us experience hardness, there is only a slight minority that could truly be Facebook friends with Job, or better yet, in a secret group by invitation only.  Whether we are exhaustedly climbing the mountain, shaking at the top, or tumbling our way down, we must recognize that God is in fact doin’ the most in our lives, even if it doesn’t feel like it.  And since he is doin’ the most, so should we.  We can amp up reading the Word, set aside time for worship, do something good and selfless for someone else, turn down our plate, fast from social media, and seek to be in his presence as much as possible.  While some who don’t understand might consider your efforts doin’ the most in the urbanized connotation, their opinions don’t matter.  We can be secure in knowing that we are working as unto the Lord.  We have countless examples of God doin’ the most when lack appeared to be prevalent.  The woman with the issue of blood, where healing seemed impossible; the man at the pool of Bethesda who never moved fast enough for the blessing, the woman with the alabaster box who poured her previous oil on Jesus’ head, Abraham and Sarah conceiving a child in old age, Peter the disciple walking on water.  You can think of many others – but the result remains the same – God shows up when we show up!

A couple of years ago, countless folk were walking around singing, “He saw the best in me, when everyone else around could only see the worst in me!” In the beginning, I loved the song, but eventually got a little wearied of hearing it so much.  Good for the singer, the song was not relegated to only the gospel station, but found its way in many what some would consider to be secular spaces.  Eventually folk began to use the song as a justification for disobedience to God.  The song became the musical definitive of “God knows my heart!”  Yet, there is a distinct difference between people seeing or harboring the worst of you and you actively demonstrating the worst of you – you know like doin’ the most?! Imagine what might happen if each of us committed to extending the best of who we are in the earth.  Talk about revolutionary.  Imagine God’s response.  How might he honor our most behavior? Likely in a doin’ the most response, because after all he is the most high God (Genesis 14:20)!


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