What’s Your Primary?

I recall learning about colors at a very young age during a painting class in school. I was fascinated first of all because we actually got to get dressed in a smock and were being trusted to something that had the potential to cause permanent damage. Secondly, our teacher was setting up the experience to be really fun, which was the opposite of what one typically experienced in school. Being introduced to yellow, red and blue was exciting. We were told they were considered primary colors and every other color imaginable emerged from their essence. We then moved to secondary colors, obtaining them from mixing primary colors together. Red and yellow yielded orange, red and blue yielded purple (depending upon the kind of red you use, otherwise brown) and blue and yellow yielded green. The experiment began to get a bit difficult. Some of my classmates had the perfect result of a new shade as a result of their blend, others, not so much. The activity became even more complicated when a primary color and a near secondary color were combined to result in a what is termed a tertiary color, such as blue and purple to create blue/purple. Why this color wheel experience? Well, a few days ago while in the doctor’s office, I spied a small table with little stools for children, in the color scheme of three primary colors and a secondary. It reminded me of when life really seemed complicated, like when the concept of creating colors was placed in our hands. At first it was exciting. Then it became a bit more challenging, but still managing until I looked around and was able to see what others seemed to be doing and creating so effortlessly. Suddenly, my excitement didn’t lend itself beyond the smock I was wearing, and even that seemed to appear mundane. What happens in life when we forget to maintain our focus on what is primary?

As we mature, and grow in Christ, we will undoubtedly face experiences that appear more complicated than the basics. This is a hard realization for me, and perhaps even more so for the two young adults that we parent. Social media presents itself as a blessing and often a curse, in that it allows one to present without providing the totality of the experience. Similarly to the painting experience, it presents as a tertiary experience without anyone being able to witness the mixing to reach that destination. Further, as often as we sneak a peek at someone else’s color wheel, we neglect our own and fail to remain focused on what is purposed for us to experience. Perhaps what we cannot neglect and ignore, is that as long as we personally, intentionally establish a primary regimen, a primary existence so to speak, we will be able to navigate the secondary, the tertiary, and whatever results beyond such. Proverbs 3:6 reads, “In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” This scripture reflects God as primary, with every attainable consideration emerging from His existence and recognition. Here is also where I would suggest that we challenge also primary thinking. This scripture is not fully comprehensive in its presentation. As I shared previously, it takes time, different mixing and conditions for certain colors to emerge. Placing one’s trust in God does not yield in one being exempt from difficulty. Similar to first painting experience, life is messy. Keeping God at the primary of your existence will only assist you in navigating but it will not necessarily keep you from avoiding tertiary altogether. One thing is for certain. There is not way in hue that we can navigate the tertiary without knowing our primary.

It’s the first last Monday of the month in 2018. I am now prepared to begin working on my vision board. January has presented itself in a series of tertiary encounters. What I thought would be purple, emerged as brown, things got a bit messy while others appear to be thriving in colors that I’ve not yet been able to produce, let alone attempt…but my primary is on lock. If it’s one thing I know for sure, He’s got me, He’s got you. God is able to see color in crevices that we don’t yet know exist. While we are stretching our arms into our “smock,” He’s already stretched his hand over our life. While we are working with one issue, one color at a time, He’s already painted a mosaic of tertiary colors over our purpose and similary to what happened in Genesis, He’s already seen all that He’s made of our life and He thinks, “It’s very good!” Let’s celebrate the fact that He did that in the beginning, so no matter where we find ourselves along the wheel of life, His grace was already established for us artistically conquer. I or you may not always know what the hue we are doing, but it we keep God at the primary, we will in fact experience the beauty He has for our lives. Let’s further be sensitive to those along the way who elect to assist us in getting our purple just right. In 2018, let us be open to those who desire to share some “color wisdom” with us, especially the ones who share the primary with us!

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