Whatever my lot

There was a woman in my home church growing up that would sing, “It is Well.” I don’t recall her name for the life of me, but her voice was the most beautiful I’d ever heard. It reminded me of the woman I learned about in school who sang at the Metropolitan Opera, Marian Anderson. Now growing up on the south side of Chicago and attending a predominantly Black church resulted in a reality that there were a plethora of great singers, or shall I say, “sangers!” Yet, this woman’s voice was distinct, and so was her praise. Whenever she reached the portion of the song, “Whatever my lot,” tears would begin to run down her cheeks, which seemed to propel her voice blocks away. After she finished the song, the sanctuary would bust wide open with praise, while she hurried off, still with tears streaming, returning to her seat in her own private, and seemingly quiet worship encounter. It’s been over 40 years since I thought of this precious memory, but most recently given the navigation life as we know it, I’ve settled nicely into declaring, “whatever my lot.”

Psalm 16:5 affirms, “Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine.” In a world whereby it feels we are being conditioned to hold tight to what we believe belongs to us, we can take refuge in the Lord as demonstrated in this scripture. We need not worry about the hustle and bustle of keeping ours, but instead come to the full recognition that as we yield to the author and finisher of our faith, he will maintain all that he extended to us in the first place!

People and stuff while we certainly can appreciate, lack in comparison to having an authentic relationship with the Master. What would our lives resemble if we fully embrace God as our inheritance, in that in him, we have all that we need? When we follow this simple precept, we can rest, and not feel pressured to maneuver conditions in our favor because God has already taken our lot into consideration and made provision to bless it.

Perhaps you are believing God for your lot to be enlarged, or maybe like me, you find yourself overextended, and seeking God for strategy to keep yourself from your tendency to make your lot larger than life. Better still, maybe life has been giving you a steady stream of weed killer and everything you attempt withers away. Or finally, you feel as though you’ve no lot at all, and are constantly taking up space on someone else’s lot. As the song goes, “whatever my lot.” Try to substitute, whatever your concern, your burden, your hindrance in place of the word “lot” and cap it off with,”It is Well!” You’re not required to participate in a fake it till you make it mentality. Whatever the lot, it was sealed at Calvary. As I reflect, I must consider that maybe that woman with the beautiful voice streamed tears of gladness, of hope, of assurance and of peace. Because, in fact, whatever our lot, indeed, it is well.

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