Wasted Worship

My mother can tolerate a lot.  After all, she grew up during a period of time that tolerance was a way of life, more specifically a way of survival.  Yet, there are a few things that give her pause.  One of them is waste.  We were reminded as children (and adults) that there are always people in need, and its an exercise in futilty to throw food or clothing away, or for that matter, anything that is in a conditional state to be used by someone else.  My mother even takes scraps on Sunday near her church in the country to leave on the side of the road for a pack of dogs that roam the area.  That in and of itself is another blog all together, but you get the gist.  The older I get, the more I learn about my mother.  In reading in the 26th chapter of Mathew about the woman with the alabaster box, I realized my mother and Jesus share a displeasure for waste.   I will go further and state that as believers we too should share a displeasure for waste, in particularly wasted worship.

Worship enables us to experience intimacy with God.  When we seek relationship, and create intentional space to hear and align with God, we are afforded the ability to receive the benefits of embrace, assurance, laughter, love, clarity and hope, simply by feeling an overwhelming sense of connection.  We have the joy of this experience in isolation or within a large crowd.  It’s a peaceful place, and if you have ever been exposed to this level of closeness, the desire to depart is nonexistent.  Worship exposes us to our pain, purpose and perpetuity.  The most incredible result of this experience is that God is attuned to our every need and thought.  As we worship, elements are exposed and reassurance is provided simultaneously. Just as my mother prepares on Saturday evening for Sunday morning departure, she gathers the scraps to leave on the side of the road, so does God.  The scraps of our pain, our purpose and our perpetuity wrapping them with love and an expectation to do his work in the earth.  Let’s not waste it.


*So, just as I prepared to upload this blog, my system crashed and I lost a lot of the content.  Its time for me to get dressed for church.  I thought about not publishing, because it’s missing so much.  Then God, spoke and said, “You would be wasting worship!” Funny, how I must always be convicted of what I write before it’s shared.  I give God all the glory! This was meant to be the way it is.  Enjoy and be blessed!*

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