Wasted Word

flickr-wordsOn Sunday evening, perhaps you are preparing for the work week ahead.  If you were afforded the opportunity to attend service over the weekend, you may have received a Word that gave you just what you needed, or craved.  You may have even received a Word that you didn’t ask for, but are better off because of it.  Whichever the case, don’t let it go to waste.  Make a pact, with God and perhaps an accountable friend to hold on to it no matter what the week may bring.  Don’t allow your Word to be wasted.  Easier said than done.  Here’s why.

The Word that you received was divinely crafted just for you.  God knew what you needed before you did.  After all, that Word was prepared for you in your mother’s womb, and God knew precisely when it needed to be manifested over your life.  He chose the vessel, the appointed time and ensured that you were in position to receive it.  We often say, “there are a million other places we could have been,” but actually that may not be true.  You were exactly where you were ordained to be.  The Word that you received was for you, whether to be used instantaneously, a month from now, a year from now, or decades away.  Perhaps its for to you share via social media, or to a friend who needs encouragement, or  for no one else, and instead hidden in your heart.

On Sunday evenings, when we are selecting clothes to wear, or looking at our work calendar, making lunches or simply resting to prepare our bodies for the week ahead, let’s not forget to make a plan for holding on to our Word.  You can best believe the enemy of our soul has created a manifesto of sorts to create opposition and opportunity for you to remember to forget what you shouted about, what you wept about, what you ran about, what you were in awe about.  What should our strategy be to hold on to that which is ours? Pray! Fast! Read more WORD! Stay connected to those who speak life! Praise! Worship! Meditate! Determine a methodology for incorporation of these practices daily, and for that matter something on the hour to counter what will surely be presented to you.  God said in Exodus 23;22 that He would be an enemy to our enemies; but that begins with being a friend to Him.  As the ultimate friend, God thought so much of you to send a Word that aligns with the abundant life He desires for you.  Why would we waste something so precious at a time like this? Make haste not waste. Word to the WORD.


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