Up is easier than down

Thus far, I’ve stuck to my commitment of working out more regularly. Last year, my focus was on running, and this year, my focus is to become physically stronger and develop greater endurance. If only it was as easy as saying, or for that matter, writing. Nevertheless to get the results I desire, it requires me to engage with the concept of “up.” This past week, I was super sore, and going up stairs was painful. I began to perform my own Jedi mind trick, and as I climbed the 17 stairs in our home, I stated aloud, “Up is easier than down!” Each time I traveled, I repeated the same sentiment, and you know what? It actually became more manageable!

In this season, what do you find yourself declaring? We quote Proverbs 18:21 often about the tongue having the power of life and death, but amidst a trial, challenge or simple difficulty, what emerges from your mouth? While I was saying up is easier than down in relation to overcoming my pain from workouts, I found myself believing the hype of being down in navigating a diagnosis. The Word of God does not instruct us to be selective. In all that we do, we must speak life, because after all, Jesus came so that we would have life, and that more abundantly (John 10:10). It is imperative that abundance is apparent in all that we do, in all that we are. As such, we develop a practice, and thereby a habit and subsequently, a lifestyle of thriving and flourishing through Christ Jesus.

The concept of “up” is not without challenge. Yet God is still beckoning us to rise above circumstances and situations that would cause us to remain in a lowly state. Perhaps more profound, God is beckoning us to to rise above our own thoughts which can cast doubt and cause us to be immobile or remain low. Just as Moses was instructed to come up and commune with God, so must we. Although there is no mountain, we can at anytime, avail ourselves to our higher power who gives us strength, endurance and love. We are often instructed to rise above our pain. Yet up requires determination, which is often zapped while in our low moments. When we rely on our own strength, we are limited, however, when we rely on the strength of our Creator, we are limitless! While up may not seem easier at the onset, in the end, it truly is easier than down, and it promises to be a journey that we will not have to travel alone, no matter the depth we find ourselves in or the height that we desire to attain.

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