‘Twas the Season

As I reflect upon the year as it comes to an end, I find myself appropriating a term typically used during the month of December as an inclusive concept for the entire year of 2014. I’m referring to, “Twas the Season.” This connotation about sums up every encounter and experience I’ve had. Through it all, I can say that I am grateful, because many of the endurances have catapulted me to “fall on my knees” like never before. Isn’t it funny, how we say that often and after each enduring trial? Whatever the case, falling on knees is a good practice, in season and out of season.

‘Twas the season to experience the healing power and manifestation of God.  The dance ministry to which I belong began January with the creation of a google doc to focus on people that we learned of who needed prayer for healing.  Little did we know that our names, those in the ministry would consume the list.  Nevertheless, it was a season of witnessing God heal like never before.  Countless testimonies were shared that provided tangible examples of the power and proficiency of God.

‘Twas the season to exercise faith! The last time I’d personally gone through surgery was nearly 21 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter.  Yet, following my procedure, I had four additional ones to attempt to get at the root cause of the constant pain and discomfort I was experiencing.  To date, there is no official diagnosis, but God whispered months ago that I was healed, even amidst perpetual symptoms that signaled otherwise.  It was a season to trust God and walk in blind faith.  I remain on that path and I am not afraid.  I learned aspects about myself that I didn’t know existed.  God needed me to experience something new in a way to serve as a living epistle to those whose faith is diminished.  I wouldn’t trade his faith in me for the world!

‘Twas the season to experience abundance.  God told me in the beginning of the year that friends and loved ones would receive blessings through marriage, babies, promotions and dreams actualized.  As such, it wasn’t a surprise as the announcements and Facebook posts clouded my timeline.  I celebrated the goodness of God and his honor to his Word to those that continued to wait on him despite how long it would take.  He unfolded and answered prayers that felt like they’d been locked up for the long haul.  God opened doors, created ways of escape, poured out blessing after blessing so much so, all I could do was cry tears of joy each time I heard of another miracle.  As I type, he just whispered, “And I’m not done yet!” Glory be to the Master!

‘Twas the season to pray.  As in Newton’s third law of physics, “with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  However, I would like to assume academic license, and suggest to Newton that during 2014, “with every action there was more than an equal and opposite reaction.”  For every marriage proposal, there was a delay in the “I Do.”  For every baby conceived in the womb, there was a strictness and restriction in lifestyle to ensure that the baby would arrive healthy and sound.  For every promotion on the job, there was the work of the enemy very present in a person, place or thing to attempt to prevent the move of God going forth.  For every dream coming to fruition, there was an unprecedented amount of effort put forth, sometimes ad nauseam to see a glimpse of it coming true.  No matter if we find ourselves on what we deem as the manifestation or the ambiguous state of being, prayer is the common denominator and serves as the catalyst in an incubative state or gestation.

‘Twas the season for peace and joy.  Peace and joy not as the world sees it, but that which comes from being loved by the Creator! No matter how my day was, what I faced, how low or high my bank account was, whether I was sick or well, I came to the realization that peace and joy were not relegated to my current situation, but instead from my source, who loves me unconditionally, forgives extensively and sees me in the beauty by which he brought me into the earth.  I am his chosen and the gifts he has placed inside of me to bless others cannot always be comprehended nor appreciated.  He’s not done anything different for me than he has for you.  I am in full celebration of what he has deposited within you.  However, 2014 has shown me that I am nothing without him, and with him I am everything.  I understand that you may think differently, but honestly, that opinion has no bearing upon the fruit he expects me to bring forth; and with that realization comes peace and joy.  It is my strength, it is my affirmation, it is my laughter and it is my solace.

What will the new year bring? I don’t know.  But if I may borrow from The Oprah Winfrey, this is what I know, “it” whatever “it” will become, will still require me to seek God, pray, be still, operate in the gifts he’s provided and worship him in all that I am and all I hope to be.  ‘Tis the season.

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