Tryin’ To Be That Chick!

Chicken Crossing the RoadSeven days into 2014 and I found myself at an “I’m Not That Chick” moment.  Yes, for if whenever you make a bold declaration to God about your intent to control your behavior, you can best believe that He will allow an opportunity for you to put into practice what you’ve professed.  With the residue of the new year, new favor, and new blessings fresh on me, I was challenged to either walk into my newness or choose a different path that would lead me right back to the coup where I decreed that I did not desire to be.  Actually, I started clucking.  I started emerging as “that chick.”  Thankfully, I was reminded of my own words written in “Her Name Is SHE” and assumed that if I desire to get to the other side of the road, I must elect an alternative path.

The narrative of Esther in the Bible demonstrates that she was through positive appropriation, “that chick.”  If we consider Esther from the original intent of “that chick” she would fit the bill.  She was orphaned as a child and although her heritage was of God’s chosen people, the Jewish lineage was still persecuted and at that time not in charge.  When the King’s wife did not agree to a request, he removed her from her position.  Esther assumed the role and was Queen.  She later learned from her brother of a plot to annihilate the Jewish people.  Risking her own life and the life of her people, she shared her true identity with the King.  She was serious and concerned about her people, so much so, she was willing to die for their safety, vitality and existence.  Sharing her internal state not only saved her life, but the lives of all those connected to her. She could have kept silent and reminded her husband she was not “that chick,” but instead, she made a move so bold I would suggest we embrace her in our new revelation as “that chick!”

I want to be that chick who forgives beyond when it hurts.  I want to be that chick who remains humble no matter the extent to which God blesses me.  I want to be that chick who complements another sister, who upholds her and doesn’t believe she is the only one who God blessed to look good in any given situation.  I want to be that chick who shares Godly wisdom when I see another sister going astray in love, and not sit idly by as she crashes and burns.  When she doesn’t listen and rejects my initial attempts, I want to be that chick who offers solace and restoration, willing to be transparent enough to share the mistakes I’ve made, and how my life would have been completely altered if not for the grace of God.  I want to be that chick who younger chicks think less of being current, but more of being timeless, filled with purpose, love and a desire to see the hand of God and his promises manifest in their lives. I want to be that chick who finds such a deep connection in the man whom God gave me, I have no desire to seek refuge in the one he gave to you.  I want to be that chick that refuses to judge another because my greater interest is in my own ability to identify my flaws and my shortcomings, and take them to Christ.

It requires more for me to be “that chick.” It is far easier to speak ill of her rather than as Sister Iyanla Vanzant says, “do my work.”  We must be careful in our projection moments.  What happens when both of us are having an “I’m not that chick” moment? If we both simultaneously bring our baggage can anything good emerge? Whenever I hear a sister say, “I’m not that chick,” I actually listen to her admittance to not demonstrating the characteristics of having a teachable spirit.  The teachable spirit yields humility and as Proverbs 11:2 affirmed, humility brings forth wisdom.

Wisdom, aka SHE will enable the ability to give what she really needs: courage and love.  Courage to acknowledge the deficits that have accrued over time; and love to build a repository in exchange for the delinquencies and overdrawn attempts that have festered into a bankrupted life.  Chicks have to look out for each other, whether small, large, outgoing or timid, full-grown or in an incubated state.  Let’s work throughout 2014 to get every chick to the other side of the road!


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