Traffic Wisdom

I traveled to Atlanta a few days ago.  I arrived after 9pm and was struck at the fact that traffic was backed up, from the airport into the city.  I lived in Atlanta more than 20 years ago, and while traffic was concerning then, it has nothing on modern times.  Fortunate for me, my taxi driver feels similar in his sentiment about traffic and responded accordingly.  In many busy cities, there are options available to move cars in a rapid yet safe manner through HOV lanes.  I recall years ago when I learned of their existence, I thought it was the best thing since the FastPass lanes at DisneyWorld! Yet HOV is beneficial for work and vacation – that is if there are two or more people traveling in the vehicle together.  It provides access to a road perceived to be less congested. There is an element of privilege that one experiences.  Immediately it made me think about having a relationship with God.  Its just you and him in the HOV lane of life.  Riding together, weathering the road conditions of life with seemingly no interruption.  Yet, what happens when one becomes stalled on the perceived fast lane of life?

See, the option of HOV lanes is available to anyone who meets the requirements, just like God.  The requirements began at Calvary, and as we elect to accept him as our personal savior, we avail ourselves to sustainability measures, in a similar vein to HOV lanes.  Yes, don’t be fooled, when one chooses the HOV lane, just like choosing God, it can get crowded, and there is a potentiality to become selfish.  You see, I was happy, moving along quickly in my HOV lane, just like I am with God, but the lane, like him is available to others, and eventually, it can become busy and crowded.  Suddenly, the feeling of “just the two of us” can feel overwhelming, resulting in even a bit of selfishness.  Yes, imagine the fact that God is in the blessing business for others besides you.  In some areas, once in the HOV area, many other lanes become available.  Interestingly enough, one’s solo blessing seems accessible to everyone; and some are even moving faster than you!

I’ve experienced that feeling; perceiving that God is moving at a more rapid pace in the lives of others.  However, we are not privy to their “HOV lane” experience with God.  We don’t know how long they’ve had to wait for something to change in their life.  We don’t, in the words of CeCe, know the cost of the oil in their Alabaster Box.  So, the best use of our time is to cheer them on, and to praise God for their ability to feel the presence and move of God in their life.  God does not have respect of person (Romans 2:11).  In other words, he doesn’t play favoritism – but we might.  Further, God is not a promise breaker! As we remain intentionally in relationship with him, simply because of who he is, we receive benefits.  Jeremiah 33:3 affirms, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Many people share an intolerance of traffic, but when we are in moments of stillness, it is imperative to listen to God.  In those times of listening prayer we are reminded that we are not forgotten and that the race is given to the one who endures until the end (Ecclesiastes 9:11).

It’s Monday! To God be the Glory for a new week! Perhaps you are en route to work outside the home, or you have a day of managing inside your home.  You may be in class, at a doctor’s office or running errands.  You might be sitting in traffic, but preferably as a passenger, maybe even in an HOV lane.  Wherever you find yourself, know that God is still availing himself as the driver in your life, and he is big enough to act in the same capacity to each of us individually, with never a mishap.  He has the capacity to get each of us where we need to go, as well as keeping us from places and spaces that mean us no profitability.

Riding as the passenger the other night upon arrival to my former home, I was able to appreciate the beauty around me, in particular the skyline and other attractions of interest.  As we get to our desired destination, God has created enough beauty for us to consume, people to love and service to extend in the process.  Travel well.


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