Things that run in the dark

Last week, soon in the morning as I’m told my grandfather would say, I drove about seven minutes away to meet my running group.  I waited about five minutes in my car.  It was dark, and I knew that it would not be in my best interest to run alone.  I elected to drive home, park my car and run in my neighborhood.  It was still dark, however, I am both comfortable and more familiar with my surroundings that those of our group route. The sky began to make way for the sun, but it was already hotter than fish grease! I was sweating, and wondering to myself why I elected to run after I parked my car as opposed to going inside and getting dressed for work….in the air conditioning.  As I ran a hill, breathing deeply and pushing my legs, I came upon a man running in the opposite direction.  I could tell by his soaked shirt, the sweat on his face, his breathing and cadence that he’d been running for a while; in fact longer than me.  We did the traditional “runner’s nod” and kept it moving.  I thought to myself, that’s impressive, but more importantly, I considered that we cannot always wait for the light to avail itself in order for movement to occur.  What do I mean? Glad you asked.

The perfect conditions for running would involve a temperature of about 65, with a light breeze, some sunshine (but not too much), with some shade and a soft surface.  However, if I wait for that constellation of alignment, I might never get moving.  The same is true for us in carrying out what God has called us to do.  Darkness exists in the world, but we carry the light of the world in our hearts and minds.  John 1:5 affirms, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  The world may very well be waiting on our decision to move despite the proper conditions for us to thrive, as we envision.  Just as we have an expectation for God to move on our behalf when circumstances are not desirable, so must we continue in kingdom work with people whom we consider imperfect, places we consider challenging and things we consider defunct.

Sometimes we are hesitant to make movement in the dark because we feel that we may be alone.   I found out quickly that the other runner may have experienced similar thought, but it did not prohibit him from going forth.  If God has given us dreams, it’s for a reason.  It’s not just for the purpose of taking up space in our minds.  It is intended to come to fruition, but we must take ownership in the process, which requires trust.  We must be fully confident of the Creator.  While with one of our young dancers at church, and by young I mean 5 or 6 years old, as she walked her garment was really long and covered her feet.  She said, “My dress is so long, I can’t see my feet!” I responded, “Yes, but they’re there, they are not invisible.”  She responded, “Oh no, because if they were, I’d need to call Jesus for some new feet!” I was blown away! If she has faith to not only believe, but know where her faith should be placed, and further have expectation for resolve, then what is our excuse?!

God gives us feet to run! Feet to run out the purpose on our life, purpose that is connected to another part of his creation.  When did you become afraid of the dark?  But even so, what are you positioned to do despite it? In the dark, we may not always be able to see what’s ahead.  That’s not a bad thing however.  When we can see exactly how something is going to play out, we don’t work as hard, and we shy from the opportunity to utilize faith.  When you listen to people who show themselves as what society considers to be successful, we learn that success did not come overnight.  The work was done in the dark, when it was inconvenient, and undoubtedly difficult.  Allow the light that God has placed within you to guide you.  When you are tired and find it difficult to go forth, remember that someone is watching, depending upon you to keep gong, and provide inspiration.  Even in the dark.

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