The Streaming God He Is Not!

I have enjoyed myself this weekend. To begin, orientation on the campus to which I work has come to an end, but also because Living Single ran all weekend in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the show. It still remains one of my favorite shows and I loved seeing the characters reflect in short snippets in between episodes. As I shared my joy with one of my millennial offspring, she responded, “Oh I can watch it anytime on Hulu.” Thanks for bursting my little 90s bubble! Enter the joy of streaming service. I suppose I could do the same. Find a show that I love, skip the episodes that I’d rather not watch and even choose the season I prefer. In fact, I could stop when I want, fast forward past what I don’t like and end when I choose. I could even pick up an hour later exactly what I choose. I can binge and watch an entire season in one sitting, or even pay an extra fee to watch something ahead of everyone else. No wonder we become adverse to the wait. We are being conditioned to want what we want when we want it! Even though I could easily watch my favorite 90s show in the streaming manner, I prefer to watch it, with commercial interruptions and the unexpected episodes that show without my selection or manipulation. As I pondered more on this consideration, I heard the Holy Spirit remind me that just as I prefer enjoyment in a less contemporary manner, so does God.

God orchestrates our lives in a less prescriptive manner. He chooses the seasons. He does not allow us to fast forward or skip episodes that we’d prefer not to experience. Even though the world operates in a “hulu capacity,” God does not. He is sovereign and can do whatever He wants when He pleases. Yet, He has promised never to leave us comfortless, so when we are going through the valley of the shadow of death, He has promised to be with us. The critical factor is that since we are created in His image, He fully understands our desire to skip over the difficult portions. However it is those difficulties that strengthen our faith and our ability to serve as accountability and assurance to those around us.

We’ve got to eradicate the mindset of hurry. God has a slow cooked miniseries of blessings for us if we don’t get ahead of Him in the kitchen of our lives. Every once in a while, you might take an inventory of your expenses, and elect to not subscribe to a streaming service. However the the streaming of Christ’s blood, not at our expense was paid at Calvary. We don’t have to elect to have it one month, skip the next, or “borrow” a login from a friend. Christ is available to anyone who desires, at any time, with no interruption. A streaming God He is not; but in a 90s kind of world, in a 21st century kind of world, I’m glad I’ve got my God!


  1. Pastor B -  August 27, 2018 - 9:54 am 248

    Well said and well received❤️

    • Stephanie -  August 27, 2018 - 11:49 am 249

      Blessed be God Pastor! Thanks for reading!


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