The Relationship of Reciprocity

While watching Bishop TD Jakes this week, I heard him say, “Are you giving God what he no longer needs?” Although I was in another room than where the television is located, I stopped in my tracks! Immediately I began to reflect, and ask myself the question.  I certainly hoped not.  I got more frightened to consider if God was asked the same question about me.  I would be a little bit upset.  What if he gave me the grace that was afforded in my first job over 20 years ago, for what I need on this coming week in a job that is much more complicated, with more complex risks and difficult consequences? Scary right? Yet, daily we expect God to do what he is best known for, “the impossible,” and yet we sit oddly by, doing what we may be best known for, “the invisible” as opposed to “the intentional.”

As we conclude 2015, it’s imperative to take notice.  Have we in fact given God more? More praise, more obedience, more worship, more long-suffering, more patience, more adoration, more love, more of our dreams, more our ourselves? Sometimes, even our intentionality to God doesn’t go directly to him, but to those he commands us to love as we do him. Our neighbors, coworkers, parents, spouse, even an enemy.  No matter our response, we hold on to the expectation for God to meet us at the point of our need (Philippians 4:19); for him to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20); to fight our battles (Exodus 14:14); and assurance that he is taking care of our enemies (Psalm 37:2).  God has promised these and many others even when we are not giving him what he needs.  Or might you need to slightly nod to giving God what he’s already gotten enough of? Complaints, withholding blessings from those we believe aren’t deserving, frustration, doubting, demonstrating a lack of faith, or a lack of trust in the promises he’s made in the Word?

God desires our full attention, still.  Yes, even as God operates in a state of omnipresence, he still wants us to be in relationship with him.  It’s not one of those 70/40, 60/30, nor 50/50 affairs as described by a crooning Teddy P.  God has and will always give us more.  After all, the standard was established when Christ went to Calvary.  Nevertheless, there is an expectation to give ourselves to God, in full knowledge, that as the song goes, “We can’t beat God’s giving, no matter how we try!” We must take stock and consider as we expect him to do more, the execution is mutual.  Not in order to receive, but because it is a part of our signing bonus from being a part of the Kingdom.  With each day, and each trial, God expects us to become seasoned.  We should not react the same way this November as last.  As we get to know the Master, through the Word of God, in our devotional time, through prayer and experience, we mature and are more proactive as opposed to reactive.  That requires us having relationship “in and out of season,” when life is seemingly well and when life is jacked up.  Either way, we have assurance that “He will never leave nor forsake us” (Deuteronomy 31:6). How might we assure him that we won’t either?

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