The “i” is silent in plain…

silenceHow many times have you heard, “Write the vision, make it plain?” Likely a lot.  I’ve heard it in church, on my job (slightly different language), in my sister circles – any space where there resides a desire to place on paper some idea or inclination.  For the believer in Christ, there is divine revelation from the Holy Spirit when we are prompted with a thought and often a restlessness if we do not follow through with action of said thought.  However, occasionally, we actually write down the thought, the vision, the hope and we don’t see the manifestation.  This can be disappointing and may cause us to turn our backs on our dreams.

I’ve visioned a great deal of things in my life.  A vision with my husband for our marriage, and our family.  A vision as a parent.  A vision of my career.  A vision of my ministry – and since writing is something I enjoy, its very easy for me to write something down – even if I don’t have all the faith that I should in what I’m writing.  I write in my journal, in my Bible, as a saved Word document on my desktop, on a receipt in my purse, anyplace or anything that the Holy Spirit reveals to me.  What I have failed to do however is maintain my excitement beyond the writing.  Even as I’ve sought divine revelation into the vision, my next inclination is to begin to maneuver it to come to fruition.  After the writing, I want it as the scripture states to be plain…and plain to me means simple, easy, not difficult.  In essence, if I write “it,” there should be limited challenge or adversity in “it” happening.  In the words of Lauryn Hill, I want to sing to God, “It should all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard!”

God was involved in strategic planning way before my work environment (and yours too).  A vision is a declaration of a goal.  In order to secure buy-in of it, there must be easy to understand language in support of it, otherwise those who are to support the spirit of carrying out the vision will be lost.  As I’ve sat in meetings on strategic planning, with wordsmiths who love language and desire to pen beautiful words to the vision, there is always someone who reminds us that “everyone won’t understand.”  It is therefore necessary to “make it plain” as the Lord implied in Habakkuk 2:2.  However, just because I write it down, and make it as easy to understand as possible, doesn’t mean I have control over what I am writing, believing and visioning.  Real talk, the “i” is silent in plain.

Even though we do as instructed, we hear from God, we listen to God, we are not Janet Jackson, and we are not in control.  We can prepare, perfect and position ourselves for the vision, but its ultimately God’s plan of how, when and where it comes to past.  This is not always easy and will cause us to move from the appointed place.  That is why God goes further in Habakkuk 2:3 and tells us, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” If God said it, its going to happen – but its going to happen in his time, and not mine.  We don’t have to give up just because it feels hard or that its not going to happen! The ultimate expression of the plan is not up to me.  And when we are silent, meaning, not complaining to others and secretly to God, God will honor our trust and honor his Word! The plan will be carried out, and it will not be difficult.  It will be simple and plain.  And I can relinquish my silence for instead an auditory praise to the most high God.


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