The I Am He Of Preexisting Conditions!

Let’s pick up from where we left off last week when Jesus introduced himself to the Samaritan woman in the fourth chapter of John. At the well, she had a life changing experience. However, let’s be clear, she didn’t share cultural DNA with Jesus. She was the marrying type, five times over, and as Jesus pointed out, the man she was currently with was not her husband. For all intended purposes, she had what we consider in our contemporary times, a preexisting condition. Thank God for Jesus! Instead of rejecting her or requiring her to pay a premium that was unrealistically and ridiculously out of her reach, she was accepted, preexisting condition and all from the “I Am He!”

Our preexisting conditions prepare us and shape us into the person that God needs us to be in the earth. We are living epistles (II Corinthians 3:2) and a testament to the Creator, but we are accepted as who we are. We can’t clean up enough, speak well enough or present well enough. We are simply loved as we are. As we grow and mature into who God needs us to be, others may only see our preexisting conditions, our shortcomings, our failures, our insecurities, our missteps, our addictions, our fear, our anxiety, our shame – nevertheless, God knows all of our narrative and decidedly sees what is at our root. He knows what he planted in us, and in due season, we shall come forth as gold (Job 23:10).

For nearly six years at our home, something would grow out of the ground in the backyard. Its bark was strong and rigid. We thought it to be weeds of some sort, and so year after year we plucked them from the ground. One year, for some reason, we let them continue to grow. They blossomed into the most beautiful purplish flowers you’d ever want to see. We missed out for years of enjoying such beauty because we lacked patience and failed to see what wasn’t as obvious to us as the other flowers in our yard. People can be fickle and see only what appears to be problematic, yet God looks deeper and allows our most troublesome portions of self to be tended to alongside the harvesting of the most triumphant portions of self. As I pondered this consideration, God enabled a visual representation.

We noticed as the new flowers began to grow, the bark and roots from last spring needed to be pulled. In our activity, we pulled one of last year’s remains only to find a new flower attached. God said, “That’s you. You mustn’t be worried about discarding those parts of you that you believe aren’t pleasing to me. I’m working on you. Yet my work on the present circumstance is not preventing my work on what is to come!” The photo in the blog is the visual representation, of God loving us, growing us, building us, anointing us, despite our preexisting conditions. He stands at the root of our disappointment and our destiny. In fact, I would dare to say that is when he does his best work.

Now, I’ve extrapolated a very delicate concept the United States is grappling with. Healthcare in my estimation, should be universal and accessible to all. Those of us who believe that must continue to use our voices and our votes to reflect our belief; and those of us who do not believe, well, we will just continue until we convince you otherwise. In the interim, the “I Am He” is universal and accessible to all – especially those with preexisting conditions. Give Him Glory! Hallelujah!

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