The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Worship

Fourteen hour drive alone. What’s a girl to do? Worship. Yes, connecting with God in a way that is long overdue. We are six months into the year. Anyone dry? Anyone been tested? Anyone been tried? Yes, to all of the above for me. So, when I set out on the drive, I packed my favorite snacks. I packed my iPod with all my favorites. I loaded up the cd changer, and I packed a bag full of additional cds in my trunk. I also preselected my favs on Sirius XM. Unbeknownst to me, I also packed worship, and I left it all on the foothills and ultimate peaks of Georgia, Alabama and portions of Mississippi. Psalm 99:9 declares, “Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy.” As I drove and reflected upon the blessings of God, despite the challenges, I couldn’t help but belt out the loudest and most redundant Hallelujahs to our heavenly Father.

I’ve never been one to welcome what the saints would term as a dry season; however the soul response in spaces and places of tranquility, and the connection to who we are and who we are created to be(come) cannot be underestimated. The vehicle went in many a directions during the drive. For with each turn, I was reminded of how God is in control when it feels like the trials of life are swinging one into spots that cannot be seen in advance (Colossians 1:17). With each climb, I was reminded of God taking us to higher ground and sacrifices made even in adversity (Genesis 22). With each decline, sometimes drastic, and occasionally incrementally, I was reminded of the fact that God will never allow us to be utterly cast down (Psalm 37:24). The more I reflected, the greater my heart filled with adoration, and glory, and gratefulness to our Father. I poured out my heart and every portion of my being. I blessed God! I declared the names of loved ones. I cried out the names of my enemies. I shouted the issues of our world. I decreed purpose to come forth! I believe the hills heard. More importantly, it was my intent to make certain that God heard.

Not only did I speak to God, but thankfully, He spoke to me as well. The 14 hour drive enabled space for my soul to reconnect with its Creator. For that I am grateful. The hills provided a beautiful, and majestic backdrop for my worship – but we can avail ourselves to such an encounter wherever we find ourselves. Yet the practice of worship must come forth, no matter our surroundings; in fact, despite our surroundings. By the water, in our car, in our sanctuaries, on a walk, and most assuredly in the hills. God is always nigh. He’s down for a road trip or a staycation. You decide. As long as we avail ourselves, he’ll be there.

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