The God Of A Reprise

musical notesOne undeniable fact about me is  that I love music.  More specifically, I love a good song.  Dig a little deeper for a song and you might be blessed to come across one with a reprise.  Now, we’re cooking with gas! I adore a reprise because deeply embedded is the sensation of time standing still and a whisper of just how good something experienced is not yet over. While the technical definition of a reprise is a repeat of something, in actuality when a reprise occurs there is an enhanced, elongated and extraordinary repeat of what just occurred.  Consider one of my favorites, Total Praise, by Richard Smallwood.  You may believe the song is over with the benediction of Amen, but when the music cranks back up and choir belts, “You Are” the experience is even more powerful than before.  My other favorites include, Sovereign God by Maurette Brown Clark, Awesome God by Windsor Village Choir and Yes by Shekinah Glory.

There is foundational worship within the reprise.  The fallow ground has been broken and if you pay attention through your spiritual eyes, you can experience and witness a shift in the atmosphere.  It is the space and time whereby the soul is crying out, whereby the heart is being revealed and the authentic self shows herself.  In that moment of reprise, God is still moving, drawing, liberating, healing, delivering, emptying, filling, fueling, restoring and revealing.  Sometimes the reprise happens during service, other times, after as people are dismissing from the service, and finally, God is just bold and loving enough to perform the reprise at home in your living room long after the service has ended.  Have you ever considered the possibility of your boldness going forth and giving God a reprise to the same extent that he offers to you? Let me explain.

A song that is getting plenty of air time right now is, “Same God…If He Did It Before.” The song compels us to remember that if God did something before, he has the ability for a repeat performance in our lives.  As believers, seasoned or sprinkled, we come to expect God to always take care of us and repeat blessings over our lives.  We have much scripture to support our theory.   We go to Hebrews 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” We insert whatever “need” we desire and use this as a step stool to our blessing.  We flip back to Romans 2:11: “For there is no respect of persons with God” and use this as a yardstick to justify us getting the same blessing as someone else.  And yet, while this theory into practice is expected for God, I can’t help but wonder what is God’s expectation of us?

When was the last time you offered God a reprise? When did you pray longer and more in relation to who God is and not what (insert name) wants? Have you been bodacious enough to praise God when the music has stopped, not caring what people around you are doing? Have you laid prostrate until you heard the voice of God in your innermost being? All too often, we want to move on to the next, all while missing the blessing of the reprise…that enhanced, elongated and extraordinary place in worship where one can feel the very presence of God in the atmosphere.  God shows up for repeat performances daily in our lives! Can we show up for him to the same extent? Can we move aside our personal agenda for a moment to give God our best? After all, he already knows.  He desires for us to praise and worship him outside of the confines of Sunday morning.  Our reprise in God can make the difference of an expected, repeated blessing or an unexpected revolutionary blessing!

We must become consistent and not complacent in our relationship with God.  We must not allow the circumstances of life to weigh on our hearts and minds so much so that we are unable when called upon to give God his due.  The Word tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength! We build our strength in our reprise.  When we reprise to God, we are calling out for his attention.  We must be careful in this application from theory to practice.  I am not suggesting that we give God a repeat performance.  Although he wakes us daily, each day is different an unique – and so should our praise be.  And once we finish praising him, we make ourselves vulnerable enough to receive the greater.

A lady in my church had a God encounter during service that resulted in her giving God a full display of her gratitude.  When she finished, she told me, “I’ve never had that happen to me before!” That’s the crux of the reprise.  It does not result in a repeat performance, but instead a “never had that happen before experience.”  If God is blessing in the normal, can you only imagine how he might show up in response to our reprise? Consider reprising this week and see won’t God  reprise over you!

Check out one of my favorite reprises (specifically 5:57).  What are your favorites?



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