The Enemy Plays Politics

The enemy plays politics, and not just during election season. He does his best work when he is most aware of what God has allowed that appears unfavorable to us. As such, he is the best at a technique that is used often in politics. A question is asked and instead of answering, people engage in something called a redirection, which results in a deliberate avoidance of responding to the original question. As always, the enemy is immersed in trickery. As I talked to God about a particular situation, I realized how quickly the enemy redirects. He did it in such a loving and caring manner, I nearly forgot who I was dealing with. He affirmed the trial I am experiencing and began to walk me through the steps to disconnect to everything I’m attached to. He broke out the concept of the need to do self-care. Oh yes, in politics, it is critically important for one to intimately know their opponent. One must study their opposition in order to understand their weak spots. I am serious about the concept of taking care of oneself in order to function at optimal best. So, here I found myself attempting to be persuaded in a redirection staged by the enemy of my soul in my prayer time with God! His underpinning was not rooted in care for my self-care, but alternatively, a desire to isolate me from everyone and everything to ratchet his attack.

I am grateful to know God! I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m so much better playing on His team. So when the enemy sends his tricks and all his tomfoolery, I can recall II Thessalonians 3:3 which reminds us, “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” The enemy desires to kill us! Make no mistake beloved. It is imperative that we keep our mind on Jesus in order to be kept in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). Yet, even in our perfection of peace, the enemy will attempt to disrupt. That’s his job and he does it well; but he does not compare to God!

The enemy may play politics, but God just plays God. Further, the enemy can only do what God allows, which means he can only operate in our lives in a seasonal capacity. When the enemy rears his mess, we must have a message! We can remind him that God will remain the incumbent. He remains on the throne. He changeth not. He sent his son, his only son to die and be resurrected so that we may rise from everything the enemy attempts to keep us down. Oh yes, I’m preaching to myself as my Bishop would say, or rather as David suggests, encouraging myself. Just as the enemy tries to enact a redirection, so must we! When he attempts to get us off our God game, we must remind him that he is defeated! He has no power over the God of our situation! Though he may offer what seems like appealing options on the ballot, I choose straight ticket for God! No matter what the challenge, and no matter how perceivably grave it may appear, I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6). God is the leading candidate in my life. Who is your party affiliation?


  1. Yvonne -  May 14, 2018 - 8:06 am 239

    Thank you for helping me to understand the importance of knowing and hearing God’s voice with clarity and understanding. The enemy will try to plant subtle thoughts that seem so right. But God’s standards are always right.

    • Stephanie -  May 16, 2018 - 10:05 am 240

      We praise God for allowing us to hear him amidst the noisome pestilence!


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