The Enemy Likes A Hot Shower

Did you know? Actually, when you think about it, it’s not really surprising. After all, dude resides in hell, and his address ain’t gonna change, so he’s likely become accustomed to heat. I on the other end, spend much of the day cold, and so showers provide the warmth that my body requires. This is particularly true during the winter months. The added benefit of my shower time is my ability to hear directly from God. It’s in that space that I hear His intentions for my life, His responses to my prayers, His prophetic voice regarding all elements of my life and those attached to it. He shares revelations, rebuke and reminders all while I engage in my ritual. In addition to the blessing of hot water, I’ve appreciated my time with God. So, imagine my disbelief a few years ago when the enemy began to invade my sacred encounters with the Creator.

You see, as God and I love on each other, the enemy attempts to disrupt our communication with his sinister and life draining negativity. As time has passed, his sophistication increased. As he attempts to penetrate my faith with his suggestions and conniving behavior, I too stepped up my game. I listen to worship music and sermons as I shower. I imagine and create movement for dance ministry. I sing hymns (trust me, you don’t want to hear me). I pray. I cry. I praise. And yet, the enemy still enjoys hot shower after hot shower, and his best trickery to make me question if God still remembers my name. However as cunning as the enemy is, he can and will never align what he deploys with the Word of God. So, he and I play this game. It goes like this: He tells me something. I consider it to determine if it aligns with the Word of God. I call him a liar and resume my encounter with God.

The enemy seeks to thrive in the places whereby we feel restricted, and as we feel we have limitations, and situations that are heated, such as within a shower stall. Psalm 46:1 affirms: God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.” God is always with us and it is imperative that we find ways to be with Him. For me, it’s long hot showers, amidst running, dancing and writing. Yours may involve another activity. But the commonality is wherever we find ourselves in spaces of intimacy with God, we can expect that the enemy will attempt to insert himself. As such, we must have a reasonable portion of the Holy Spirit deposited within ourselves to combat the voice of the enemy with instead, the voice of God. Satan can interrupt me or you an infinite amount of times internal or external to the shower, but it will not change where each of us will spend eternity. I love a hot shower, but my everlasting shall be with Christ, and to be sure, His address ain’t gonna change either.

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