The Devil Wears More Than Prada

A few nights ago, I was watching one of my favorite movies, “The Devil Wears Prada.” Haven’t seen it? Check it out, especially if you enjoy a good plot, accompanied by stylish clothes. At any rate, for some reason, the closed captioning kicked in on the television and the words appeared at the bottom of the screen. During the movie when the main character was under duress, the words, “Gentle, hopeful music” scrolled across. I’ve watched the movie quite a bit, and although I’ve heard the music, I was struck that it was termed in that manner. I began to think, what does my “gentle, hopeful music” sound like? Further, what are the conditions by which it will be played? Or is it God playing the “gentle, hopeful music” while we stand frozen, desperately trying to make sense of disappointment?

I would suggest that more often than not, our closed captioning might read, “disgusted music,” “overwhelmed music,” “worried music,” or even, “angry music,” “frustrated music,” and dare I say, “pissed beyond belief music.” This theme music accompanies us through work, home life, relationships, health disruptions and sometimes just after a bad night of loss sleep (ask me how I know). How in fact might we learn to sing the Lord’s song, in a strange land (Psalm 137:4)? How might we train our feet to move to a beat that we’d prefer not to hear? A beat that we’d prefer not to engage? A beat that seemingly makes us stumble, falter, and sometimes even fall? Could it be that landing flat on our face may actually be the song that we, in time will appreciate? As I consider the most difficult steps that I’ve taken in life, even those whereby I was left to immobility, those are the trajectories that propelled me into my next, and more importantly, a deepened relationship with the Creator. Those are the intentions by which I found myself in sync with God like never before – even when I actually felt less aligned with Him. Why? Because it’s said in dance, there can only be one person that leads. In our dance of life, it must be, it needs be, God. Otherwise, we will tire before the song ends, and cause a great deal of collateral damage. Picture, Elaine dancing from Seinfeld. Now quick, open your eyes from that horror. LOL!

God has a peculiar manner through demonstrating His love for us. If you are seasoned enough, you may recall what a record that is scratched sounds like. It was a deafening sound, but once you got beyond the scratch, things actually turned out pretty well. No matter what we are experiencing, it is sound and it is smart, to remain gentle and hopeful in God. Psalm 42:5 declares, “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance.” This scripture reminds us to remain hopeful to the extent that God’s beauty shows up within us and over us. When we know beyond a shadow of doubt that God remains with us, keeping time, through sadness, gladness, joy, sorrow, disappointment and hope, we will open ourselves to His perfect will, even if we don’t experience a perfect beat when we deem so. As the Lord allows us to awake to a new day, may we remain gentle and hopeful, with a splash of music to get us through, whatever the devil sends forth to loose our focus, whether Prada is involved or not.

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