The cost of peace is < $100

peace_3I won’t begin to take credit for the title of this blog – but oh how I wish I could recall who I was blessed to be in the presence of when s/he made the statement.  I’ll attribute my memory loss today as a result of the unsettling resemblance of the weather to my midwest upbringing.  At any rate, I was struck by the statement, wrote it down and promised myself to return to it for further examination.  Here goes.

Tons of things that bring me peace are totally under $100 – a vanilla ice cream cone, or better still a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream, a movie ticket, a hardcopy of a book, Bojangles before I went gluten free, a trip to my stylist, a mani/pedi, a concert (possibly), a downpayment on a trip to my mom, a cute dress or two from my fav boutique, and the list could go on.  Yet, there is a consistent theme of purchasing that resonates through each of the aforementioned.  I don’t know about you, but my pockets are not always in agreement with my desires – or at least for my desires to be actualized when I desire.  Further, while in the process of being delivered from being an emotional shopper, I am practicing walking away even when the funds are available for spending.  Often times when I spent, the “peace” was short-lived and it didn’t speak to the core of what was really bothering me.  What excites me is that Christ went to the cross for peace that is free!

Someone spill the tea for God.  Although peace is free, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Do you think her knows? When we are brought to suffering, do you think he realizes that peace feels very far away? We go to extremities to create environments whereby peace can reside.  Truth be told, we have access to peace anytime we declare.  For its not a physical state, but rather a state of mind.  Its not trusting people, but instead trusting God.  Its not taking refuge in a place, but taking refuge in the place – the place where you bring your whole self into alignment with your Creator.

How might we get to peace? Well, it may be prompted by prayer.  We can’t always slip away to our prayer closet.  It may be a whisper in and out as my sister friend, Maralis shared recently (I remembered her..go Stephanie!).  As she demonstrated for me recently, it’s simple as one word in, like, “finances” and one word out, “Jesus!” When we are searching for peace, its unrealistic to believe that we may find it through the other mechanisms we often employ.  I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t enjoy the offerings of life, such as art, music, food, people and yes, even shopping.  These elements make life more interesting, and yet they do begin to provide the comfort that a touch from God, reassurance from God, affirmation from God and love from God extends.  That ushers me to peace – peace that the world, no matter how demanding cannot dismantle.  And for sure it costs < $100.


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