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I have been enjoying “Your Great Name” by Todd Dulaney for a few months. So a couple of Sundays ago when our young adult ministry sang the song how excited was I! Interestingly enough, I wasn’t the only one who’d had the song on repeat in my private time. Everyone was lit in the sanctuary singing loudly proclaiming the power in the name of Jesus, and the fact that something happens when we call the name. It was loud when the lyrics, “When I call your name” was sung, however, when the song came to the participatory part of simply saying the name “Jesus,” I noticed a shifting, a much less enthusiastic response. Not silence, but muted. I was struck.
Were we afraid of the outcome of what we were singing about? Are we afraid of a shifting? Are were afraid of healing, liberation, deliverance and the like? For if in fact we call on the name of Jesus, we may be responsible to surrender our excuses and dare I say our desire to control. Whew…breathe through that one.

I pray. I read the Word. I attend church regularly. I have a lifestyle steeped in praise and worship. I’m confident you do as well, and yet, the most potent weapon we have at our disposal at all times is the name of Jesus! And even though I claim to be His favorite (I have proof, lol), He does not have respect of persons. He is available to us whenever, wherever and to whatever we need. There is no need for us to be timid about calling His name, and we don’t have to only utter it in times of crisis. There is expectation that comes with saying the name of Jesus! Everything we need is wrapped up in that great name. When we elect not to use it as often as we have access, we are actually placing limitations unnecessarily.

Now I would suggest this might also be the appropriate time to add the caveat. We need to be intentional about the utility of the name and not expect to call upon the name of Jesus to ordain mess, coveting what belongs to others and hoping the demise of someone else. God is big and as we seek Him, He will grant us the desires of our heart that align with His Word. Not sure where it falls? Check the Word! If we are confronted with that which is in direct opposition to the things of God, we have responsibility to pray and ask God to help us in our shortcomings. We are sinners saved by grace, and as we come into the knowledge and realization of the ability for us to call upon the name of Jesus, we begin to know who we are and just how important we are. As we discover our importance, we accept that there is no need to anticipate anything less than what God has ordained for our lives. To be sure, life presents many opportunities that reveal the need for calling the name of Jesus, but we needn’t worry about doing it too much. May we be affirmed to call the name of Jesus often. May we not be afraid of having a relationship with Him that enables us to fully understand the power of His name. May we not be afraid of what happens next.


  1. Claudette Daniel -  October 8, 2018 - 8:56 am 256

    Awesome! I love reading your blog. It is very uplifting. Thank you.

    • Stephanie -  October 8, 2018 - 11:54 am 257

      God be praised! Thank you for reading!


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