Pressure to Perception

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREHappy MLK Day! I’m awake.  I am sold on this being a “day on and not a day off.”  In fact, I have a service project with my sorority later today.  However, that being said, I thought, planned, hoped that I would sleep a little later today since I don’t have to go to work.  Instead, I was awakened by pain in my head and a stuffy nose.  Its a indication that a weather change is on the horizon, in the atmosphere.  Its my sinuses.  The right side of my head and face feel like an explosion will take place at any moment.  This coupled with the root canal I had on the same side less than a week ago has me feeling some kind of way.

As I lie in bed, attempting to position myself accordingly so as not to further disrupt my head, I began like many to reflect upon Dr. King’s dream and the extent to which it has become reality.  I don’t know if that spawned more intense pain, but I elected to sit up and begin to do what causes release for me…enter writing. Today, its been compromised by the pain in my head.  I’m reminded of the pain that accompanies a dream in order to bring it to fruition.  How much pain did Dr. King, and countless others who sought difference from what became a normalized experience? Suddenly, the intensity I was experiencing related to my sinuses did not feel as large.

The average person has eight sinus cavities.  Two on each side of the face, in the forehead, behind the cheekbone, between the eyes, and behind each eye.  A thought or vision occurs in our head.  It may be through an actual dream, it may result from observation or simple thought and/or reflection.  We must consider our response when we are presented with a dream.  I am reminded of the words of Langston Hughes, “what happens to a dream deferred?” More specifically, what happens when we are the deterrents? When we make up excuses and outline all the reasons as to why it cannot become reality? There is no need to propose opposition outside of self.  We can be our own worst critics and stifle something that could bless the masses because of fear or even laziness.  God does not have a respect of persons, and freely gives thought for action to us often at what we deem the most inconvenient time with limited resources.  Yet, his expectation remains, and its up to us to begin to make the attempt to get it out of our head and into the atmosphere.

Once we do that, we must be careful of what comes out of our mouth.  Behind the intensity in head for my sinus issues is that which seeps down into my cheekbones.  It impacts the extent to which I can talk and express myself.  When a dream has been placed upon us, we must seek discernment of who we can share it with and who will be supportive, encouraging and accountable to and for us.  In fact, even before we speak of others, we must examine self.  Are we speaking life into our dreams or pronouncing death with our words? Last night while involved in a lengthy texting conversation with my daughter, she shared a particular situation that was bothering her.  I in turn, began to provide encouragement and affirmation but her message popped up first that read, “but this is only temporary.”  I shouted! Not because Bishop T.D. Jakes was preaching on the television I was watching (although he was), but because she spoke life into her own situation! She realized that a problem she was having now, was not going to be lasting! She was paraphrasing Romans 8:18, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us,” without even knowing it! What God has given us in our mind and what we speak through our mouth about it in extricably linked.  We can kill through our mouth what we have been given in our head.

If we speak well of the thing, we must have the vision to see it and carry it out.  I like that we are given four sinus cavities in our eyes, in the bone between our eyes and behind each eye.  Some people experience blurry vision when battling sinus issues and others like me are more comforted being in a darkened place.  The result is the same, limited sight.  We mustn’t be distracted by what we believe we see, but instead be directed by what God has seen and spoken in our dream.  We must trust him in the dark.  Its in him that we live, move and have our being (Acts 17:28).  Hold close to him to see your way so that you don’t stub your toe, or worse, your dream.

We finally have sinuses behind each eye.  My left eye is weaker than my right, and for a long time, I wore a stronger prescriptive contact for it.  Now, that is no longer the case.  I rely on my dominant eye for many things, and I’m thankful that just because one is weaker, it still can contribute to my eyesight.  The same must be true for us as we attempt to carry out vision.  There is a war going on within us (Romans 7) and we must remain connected to the vision despite the conflict experienced internally.  We must balance ourself using all the gifts we’ve been given to carry out vision.  Just as our eyes are controlled by both sides of our brain, we must utilize logic and intuition, analytics and thoughtfulness, practicality and creativity.

My sinus pressure typically subsides when there is a change in the barometric pressure.  As a storm or a drop in temperature approaches, I feel the most intense pain; when it arrives, I usually feel what I consider to be normal or pain free.  What kind of change could you produce in the atmosphere with your dream? Might it eliminate pain for someone or something? What are you waiting for? For your own pain to subside? Perhaps it might when you begin to move, take thought into action and provide a well needed release.  Your sinuses (or mine) will thank you.


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