Piracy, Plagiarism and Pillage

Weibo-fight-against-copior-590x442Are you a thief? Do you regularly or on occasion take what doesn’t belong to you? These days its pretty dangerous to do so.  We are living (and some may say this was always constant) in a time whereby stealing can cost you your life! No laughing matter.   The majority of the human race is not involved in criminal behavior, but I wonder how many people are involved in detrimental behavior and not even know it.

A few years ago God inspired me to write a book entitled, “Later Never Came Until Now.”  In one of the chapters, I wrote about wondering what would happen if everyone’s personal theme music played when the person entered the church; we would hear all kinds of truths, like, the blues of “Good Morning Heartache,” associated with a lack of will to go on, the soulfulness of “The Tracks of My Tears,” associated with overwhelming heartache and love that is not reciprocated, the rock of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” for disappointment, the gospel of “Never Would Have Made It” being beat up and ripped apart and the funk of “The Shaft Theme Song” when you’re so fueled with anger that you have no words to express, just an instrumental strut! Instead, we put on our Sunday best, paint a smile on our face and part our lips speaking the words that provide assurance to the “saints” that nothing comes “nigh our dwelling.”  But what if you are not living out your theme song, and instead are on a promotional tour for someone else’s testimony?  Are you by appropriation living beneath your grace? Worst still, would you even recognize your own thematic experience if you saw it?

We are in such a hurry to respond to things and have an answer that we often fail to sit and allow God to minister to us and provide direction for our life.  Although this may be an unfamiliar space, it is a necessary space to fully understand what God is requiring of you. For example, are you rejoicing for “Greater is Coming” when God has already ups’d your greater to your front door? Are you reliving a top ten song over your life when God already delivered you? While we are in a rush to hitch a ride on someone else’s blessing or curse we end up missing out on our own chauffeured experience.  Isaiah 43:19 reads, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth: shall ye not know it?” Its time out for piracy or the unauthorized use or production or another’s work.  Its time out for plagiarism and manipulating someone else’s testimony to be highjacked by you.  Every trial that someone overcomes is not necessarily yours for the taking.  Recognize your own.  It is dangerous liaisons to assume that everyone in the Body of Christ or your circle must have identical experiences.  Sometimes, you are only exposed to someone else’s testimony so that you may be a witness of God’s glory without experiencing the pain associated with it.   Sure, we are each running our race but as my Pastor reminds us its most important to stay in your own lane.  God allows trials in an individualized manner that potentially manifest in corporate blessings.  There is no need for pillaging.  We are reminded in Matthew 6:34 to “take no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”  In other words, each of us have enough to worry about rather than assuming someone else’s baggage.

We must remain grounded in the Word of God for ourselves and intentional about branding our own relationship with the Creator so that we may refute the themes being projected upon us by others.  Every word that God sends your dwelling is not for someone else.  A cook rarely serves food to someone before tasting what s/he has prepared.  The same must be true when speaking the things of God.  Try it for yourself before you hand it off to someone else.  Know your season without the assistance of someone pointing it out to you or sharing theirs.  Candidly speaking, get your own theme song and change it accordingly.  And if that is not sufficient and you can’t help but copy someone, try Jesus.  You can emulate his character everyday of your life and you won’t end up on the wrong side of your history.  I’ll share my song for this season, I’d love to hear yours!



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