Note to Self: He’s Got You!

Everywhere I look, there are reminders and affirmations about it being halfway through 2016.  Statements reflecting, “God’s not done,” “Remember Sweet 16,” and “The shift,” to name a few.  I ain’t hating, I’m really not – but what it also rather apparent to me in correlation to these statements is that just because He said “it” doesn’t mean “it” will be easy. Every single piece of my stuff, old, present and new will come with a cost, and a price, that if I’m being honest, I’d rather not pay.  Why? Because selfishly, there is a part of me that believes that previous struggles have somehow made me exempt from present trials.  Foolish, right? Almost as though I’ve forgotten that in my pursuit of knowing him, and the power of his resurrection, I will also participate in the fellowship of his sufferings (Philippians 3:10).  Yes, the Word says, “fellowship.”  When I sought the definition of fellowship, one in particular stood out for me, “the quality of state of being comradely.”  There was nothing pretty about the sufferings of Christ, but the beauty that emerged and enables us to have everlasting life, was certainly worth it – just as whatever we experience and endure will be worth it as well…at least that’s what I must keep telling myself.

I’ve got little patience for slogans and declarations that are unaccompanied by evidence.  In this season, I am hanging onto the promises of God, even when it appears that they are forgetting that they are to be manifested in the physical realm.  Its a season to trust God not only beyond what I see, but quite frankly, beyond what I even believe from moment to moment.  The “go to  scriptures” are okay in normality, but this season is requiring, no demanding, that I go deeper and seek him in a new and dynamic way.  I know he’s the same God, but admittedly, I’ve had to ask if he know’s it’s me. Or better still, has he placed me in a place to challenge the “same me” and call me to a higher and a deepened level of witness? Just as I’m seeking new revelation in his Word, is he concurrently seeking new revelation in me?

In the words of Commission, the ordinary just won’t do! God has answered a slew of my prayers, and enabled some blessings to be experienced in an indescribable way; and now, it’s time for me to solidify a space in him whereby I never have to wonder when he will show himself, but just stand solidly on the fact that he will never leave me nor forsake me.  While growing up, passing notes was a regular occurrence; so was getting caught.  How embarrassing it was for the teacher to intercept the note and read it aloud, or better still make the student read it.  In this season, I must incur a practice of writing and passing notes to self to be reminded that I am the head and not the tail, I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, I am not forgotten, I am the apple of his eye, and I am the reason Christ went to Calvary…and so are you!

Contrary to what we would like to believe and/or hope, “the hill” does not make us exempt from tribulation.  In fact, the more we gravitate toward it, recognize it, proclaim it and revel in it, the likely the probability that we too will experience its passion – and not in the most welcoming manner.  Just as Christ stayed until his assignment was complete, we too must complete that which he’s called us to, even when we’d rather not.  His obedience until death is a note to us – a note passed from generation to generation – tragedy to triumph, that he’s got us – no matter what! It’s not calendar based.  This promise will succeed 2016.  Notes typically involved a question, with options of yes/no/maybe.  Note to self: Jesus is the answer, no matter the question – he is the response to every person, place or thing that emerges in life.  Believe! He’s got me, and you too!


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