Not Just Your Mother’s Jesus

I grew up in a household where one didn’t have a choice but go to church on Sunday. Even as I got older, and my mother allowed me to go out on Saturday night with friends, the expectation was to roll out of bed as I’m told my grandfather would say, “soon in the morning” to go and give praise where praise was (and is) due. I didn’t protest; after all, I loved going to church (and still do). Yet no matter how many Sunday School classes I attended, how many usher anniversary programs I participated in, sermons I heard and Baptist Training Union activities I was a part of, it wasn’t until I went away to college that I realized that He was just not my mother’s Jesus!

Funny how we refer to many things being generational, and often it is something negative. However, as I witness my daughter navigate her international journey, I realize that she too is learning that He is not just her mother’s Jesus! I find this to be the epitome of Him being the same yesterday, today and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8). A full circle experience actualized makes a parent feel pretty good. I bless God for a generational pathology that I pray continues through our bloodline!

But wait! Coupled with this parental excitement ushers in the notion that being in relationship with not just your mother’s Jesus, means trials of your own, rivers that your parents cannot pilot on your behalf. Deep, rushing waters whereby one feels alone and lost at sea, searching tirelessly for a shoreline that seems nonexistent.   Listening to my daughter’s experience abroad affirmed to me once again that as she becomes acquainted with the not just her mother’s Jesus, that I too become acclimated to Him once again as well.

Two weeks ago, while my daughter was traveling abroad, she came up against a myriad of difficulty leaving the states. She was alone – or so I kept saying until the Holy Spirit convicted me and reminded me that she was not alone, but God was with her. Immediately, my tears of fear morphed into tears of joy and praise and adoration. My mother who was visiting was praying downstairs, I was praying upstairs, and my daughter was praying in three different airports. Yes, collectively, we were all in communication with the not just our mother’s Jesus. More importantly, He was able to comfort each of us, and make intercession to the Father simultaneously without one of us feeling as though our prayers were in vain!

Jacob was reassured that God was not just the God of his grandfather Abraham, and his father Isaac, but his God as well. He didn’t have to rely on their experiences to gain entrée to God. There comes a critical time in each of our lives’ whereby we must get to know Him for ourselves. Admittedly, God will use whatever He desires to bring about relationship. It might be sickness, death, financial difficulty, job issues, being misunderstood, backbiting, isolation or blessing. Our response must be to cling to Him through it all, and trust that He has our backs, just like He did with the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on, those still running the good race of faith and yes, our mothers as well.

When did you come to know the not just your mother’s Jesus? Bless someone with your testimony! Why? As mothers’ say, because I said so!


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