No Power? On Power!

As I write, I am simply grateful to God for taking us through the storm! In other places, people find our version of “storm” to be taken lightly, but those of us who call it home understand the reality that sets in when we hear snow, and even more significantly, that dreadful three letter word, “ice,” and what it ushers in, or rather ushers out.  As the lines get heavy with ice and snow, we begin to demonstrate concern as to whether we will retain power.  While its certainly an inconvenience, it is even more concerning when the temps are dropping.  Our minds cannot help but drift to those in our society who face such conditions on a daily basis.  We morph our minds and spirits to a place of gratitude, knowing full well that it is nothing but grace that has kept us thus far.  As I read the social media posts and texts from friends sharing those infamous words, “no power,” I began to reflect that in fact we have more power that we even imagine, and more that we waste through our words, our actions and our situations.

Understandably so when power is lost, we react! However, I would suggest as we examine this philosophy through a spiritual lens, our power is not taken away, instead we often relinquish it.  I Corinthians 2:5 affirms, “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”  Yet, how often is our default linked to the counsel of others as opposed to God? Their unwise albeit well intended advice short circuits our destiny.  How might we gain power? We must be plugged into our source.  If we have a lamp, we cannot expect it to work without it being connected to an electrical outlet.  The same is true in our relationship with God.  We gain power as we remain in constant communication and the practice of building our faith in the one who never diminishes.

The saints sing the lyrics, “God’s not dead, he’s yet alive!” Yet, we walk around defeated as though we do not have connectivity to the ultimate power plant.  I witnessed many friends, demonstrate faith in the electric company’s technicians to get power restored.  There wasn’t a doubt as to whether it could be done, instead, simply when.  We believe that God endows man/woman with knowledge and competency to accomplish difficult tasks.  I would not be the appropriate person to work on a power line, yet I have faith in the ones that are employed in the position.   If we can have faith in man, there should be no hesitation in our faith in God, the one who created heaven and earth.  Acts 6:8 reads, “And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.”  Notice the correlation between faith and power.  We too, have access to operate in the same capacity, if only we try.

What do you desire to be restored? What do you desire to be connected? What do you desire to ignite? What do you desire to generate? Let’s transition from No Power, to On Power! Just as we switch a light, imagine, switching the “n and the o” which results in a completely different meaning and expectation. We have access to everything we stand in need of.  Power over relationships, power over your finances, power over your workplace, power over your children, power over your marriage, power over your marriage to come, power over your mind and power over your flesh! The question becomes, “How bad do you want it on?”



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